Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bullet Sunday

For the topic of today's bullet blog I am going to write a little about adoption. My spouse and I are in the process of adopting one foster son and hope to adopt our second foster son. We have been foster parents to both children since birth (one son was in the hospital for a month following his birth but we picked him up from the hospital).

Adoption and foster care are hot topics for my spouse and I. I found some interesting information on people who were adopted on the blog of Buck and Mike.

Many successful people in our history were adopted. Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs.
  • U.S. Presidents Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover, and Andrew Jackson;
  • poets and writers Maya Angelou, Rudyard Kipling, Patricia Cornwell, Truman Capote, Herman Melville, Jonathan Swift, Joseph Conrad, John Keats, Rita Mae Brown, Ruth Westheimer, Edward Albee, W. Somerset Maugham, J.R.R. Tolkien, Leo Tolstoy, Arisotle, Dante Alighieri, Edgar Allen Poe, William Wordsworth, Jean Genet, Richard Wright, Langston Hughes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau;
  • composer Johann Sebastian Bach and singers John Lennon, Seal, Charlotte Church, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Sarah McLachlan, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Nelson, James Brown, Eric Clapton, Deborah Harry, Little Richard, Nat King Cole, and Louis Armstrong;
  • actors Jack Nickolson, Anthony Hopkins, Ice-T, Ted Danson, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Ray Liotta, Dean Cain, Eartha Kitt, Ingrid Bergman, Melissa Gilbert, James Dean, Pierce Brosnan, Dylan McDermott, and Steve McQueen;
  • world and national leaders Nelson Mandela, Simón Bolívar, Moses, Muhammad, Alexander the Great, William the Conqueror, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan, Sacagawea, , Joseph Fielding Smith, Orson Hyde, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Newt Gingrich, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Jesse Jackson and Sam Houston;
  • athletes Babe Ruth, Greg Louganis and Mike Tyson;
  • naturalists John James Audubon and John Bartram; movie directors François Truffaut and Miloš Forman and producer Samuel Goldwyn.

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