Wednesday, March 18, 2009

He tires me out / Three Beautiful Things

I love my sons with all my heart. My two year old is wearing me out. He doesn't speak yet, which bothers me mildly, but not as much as what he does INSTEAD of speaking - which is whining.
I am baffled because he doesn't do it with others, only at home. He CAN communicate what he needs without whining, but when he is in my presence he does nothing BUT whine. I love him. I love to play with him, I love to laugh with him, I love to hang out with him, and I am going to sear out my eye balls with burning hot tweezers if he DOES NOT STOP WHINING.

So because my spouse reminds me to look for the beautiful things, I am going to try and ease the pain in my brain by attempting to focus on three beautiful things. Here are my attempts, I hope they are not completely lame:

1. The current temperature is NOT minus 30 Celsius, which it has been for too long. It is a balmy -5.

2. Peanut and Jelly Sandwiches. My spouse made me one the other day and it was best thing I have tasted in AGES. I think I need to go and make myself one.

3. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I love my mom. She is beautiful to me. Here is a picture of me and my mom and my son (in the days before he WHINED)!


Teena in Toronto said...

Wasn't the weather awesome today?

Happy birthday, Mom!

Anonymous said...