Saturday, March 21, 2009

three beautiful things

My three beautiful things for the night:

1. Max was "helping" me today. My spouse got me to work on the door that we need to hang and I ACTUALLY got out the drill and everything and even worked on it until we realized I need to buy wood screws that are shorter. My Main Man Max "helped" me. He is completely fascinated with all things related to tools. He had the hammer at one point and was hammering the door. I took the hammer from him and offered him the plastic hammer we bought for him a while ago. He looked at me with the most incredulous look on his face as I offered him a "FAKE" hammer. He does not speak, but he has absolutely NO problem communicating. I laughed out loud at the look he gave me. He ended up deciding a fake hammer was better than no hammer so he came back and got it. His help and his face are beautiful to me.

2. C-note is jabbering up a storm. He babbles and sticks out his tongue constantly. He has started to say "da da da da". My spouse is trying to convince him that I am his da-da. She thinks it is very funny. We laughed tonight together, laughing together is beautiful.

3. This afternoon things came together for a few minutes and we were able to join forces and get some things done that it takes both of us to do. Usually we are going in complete opposite directions and so the things that require us both tend to get neglected for long periods of time. We both felt great with what we got done and it is possible to begin to see small improvements in our environment. Working together is beautiful.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Working together rocks, da da :)