Saturday, March 28, 2009

365/1 Uncle John

I cruise around sometimes on the internet checking out blogs.

One of the blogs I read with regularity is Teena in Toronto (you can link to her here)

When I am just messing around I sometimes look at the blogs listed on other peoples pages and that is what I was doing today when I linked to a blog from Teena's called "Memoir's of a Twenty something" which you can link to from here.

So what I am getting to is the fact that on Memoirs of a Twenty Something blog I saw she was posting a project called x365 which is supposed to be a year-long journey, writing short vignettes about 365 people who have touched your life.

The idea was started and finished by a blogger. His his project is completed but you can check it out by linking to him and you can check out those written by others.

I got thinking about it. It is something which completely captivates me and yet scares me at the same time. Obviously the people who have had an impact in my life have not all had a good one. Do I even remember or KNOW 365 people? This is something that has the potential to be offensive, and yet I keep coming back to thoughts of the project and thinking I will do it.

From the originator of the idea here are some words:
40 words is a tiny lens to look through. How do you put a mother, an ex-wife, a best friend, or the love of your life into 40 words when that's not even enough for the junior high math teacher, or the son of the guy who sold meats and cheeses to the place you worked? There's only one way to find out.
Try this: make a list of 365 people whose names you remember and who were interesting to you. Even if you don't want to write 40 about each, at least try making the list. And then, if you can, write down a few words about each of them before they're gone from your memory. If you can't do this, it might be wise to spend the next 365 days meeting more people in person who are interesting to you. Learn their names.

So here I go with x365 entry 1

These are in no particular order and the opinions are my own. Sorry I offend you, skip you, or recall memories different than your own. That's why this is my blog I guess! (I'm going to try to keep it below 50 words if I can. I'm verbose.)


There are two men in the world who my discerning dog Mukiwa trusted. Uncle John is one of them. Almost reclusive, he always had a "hello" for me, a treat and belly rub for my puppy, and as I got older he saved his precious hardback books to give to me.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I don't know if I could think of 365 people either.

I read in "More" magazine last year about a woman who was turn 50. To commemorate, she wrote letters to 50 people who had been important to her:

At the time I thought I couldn't think of 50 people!