Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ten on tuesday; ten things I won't miss about winter

This weeks topics: Ten things I won't miss about winter. ONLY ten?

1. -40. -35. -25. -20. -15. -7. (When it gets to about -5 I can tolerate the cold).

2. Plugging vehicles in - and unplugging them when I remember to.

3. Forgetting to unplug the vehicle and driving away while plugged in.

4. The claustrophobic feeling I get when wearing my winter coat.

5. Taking off my boots to walk into a place like the doctors office and promptly stepping in the water left by someone who didn't take off their boots.

6. Trying to dress my son in all his winter attire as he screams and twists and turns.

7. Finding my sons mittens outside where he has taken them off and thrown them, then trying to put them back on him.

8. Driving to work in tinkey winkey with a heater strong enough to melt my eyeballs in their sockets but not hot enough to melt the ice from the inside of the windows. Having to scrape the inside of the window while squinching my melting eyeballs.

9. Driving to work in the dark, then driving home in the dark.

10. Being cold.

1 comment:

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm sooooo not going to miss winter!

I played too :)