Thursday, March 8, 2012

the way commercials stick with me

There are some jingles that I would say have been very successful simply because years and years later I can still recall them. Sure I have a strange memory for weird and useless information, but I have to give credit to the advertisers who have come up with some of these things.
Today I was driving to work and listening to the radio, to one of the very few radio stations we pick up way in the north and a song by Stevie Wonder came on.
I am NOT (never have been and never will be) a fan of Stevie Wonder. If I had a choice of multiple radio stations I would have changed it, but I don't so I suffered through the song - as I suffer though many things from this particular station.
As the chorus began I laughed out loud. You see, this song, MANY years ago was used in a commercial. As Stevie sang "You are the sunshine of my life.." I finished it with the commercial at the top of my lungs..." MINUTE MAID!"
It made the painful moment bearable. Way to go Minute Maid on a successful media campaign!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Every year as kind of a joke I give up "hope" for Lent.
I am not a Catholic and growing up we never practised Lent or "giving up"  anything for 40 days and nights before Easter. I do like the idea of a sacrifice made in remembrance of Christ's sacrifice (even though I do not practise any religion in my life now).
Giving up hope amused me, but this year I decided not to do it. I just want my life in 2012 to be different than in the past, better, more hopeful! and even though it was just a joke I decided to spend my energy putting out positive thoughts and energy and hopefully (ha ha) reap something wonderful.
I was inspired by another blogger Sulli, who set a goal to "pursue things with fearless abandon". So that is my goal.
I haven't actually started yet, which puts me a little behind the 8 ball in terms of deciding what I will actually do and getting down to doing it. I want this Lent period for me to be about creating. I'll let you know how it goes.