Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ten on tuesday: ten guilty pleasures on tv

I am a total television addict. I said this to my spouse yesterday when we were watching "newlywed, nearly dead" and the lady on the show said to the husband (who spent hours a day playing WOW) that spending three hours a day doing something could be characterised as an "addiction". I am therefore "addicted" to television.

SOOO.... since I absolutely watch MORE than 10 television shows I will have to whittle down my list.

1. Big Brother - this is my summer guilty pleasure. I actually watch less television in the summer, but I watch BB religiously.

2. Obsession - I am addicted to this new show. (har har)

3. Iditarod - this special comes out once a year- usually after Christmas, but I watch it religiously, even though I already know the outcome.

4. UFC - I no longer pay for the pay per view because it is simply too expensive and now no longer a "specialty" event. The dang things air once a month almost. But I do watch fight night and I love the Ultimate Fighter.

5. House Hunters - I always try to guess which house they will buy. My spouse and I choose which one we would buy of the three homes profiled.

6. The New Newlywed show - a total crack up.

7. Wipeout - the commentators of this show make it worth watching.

8. Still Standing - This show totally makes me laugh and I watch it whenever I can find an episode.

9. Scripps National Spelling Bee - is there anyone who doesn't watch spelling bees and LOVE them?

10. and when I subscribe to the soccer channel - I watch every single Liverpool game I possibly can, and the world cup every four years.

working hard for the money

I am feeling absolutely sicker than life. To walk makes me dizzy. To stand up makes me dizzy. To lay down makes me dizzy. To breathe makes me dizzy. My chest hurts. My nose is stuffed. I am coughing great gobs of phlegm. Last night my ears started to hurt and so I lay in bed awake from 4am. I am back at work today but I really have no idea why I am here. I can't walk ten steps without feeling like I am going to throw up or pass out or pass out in my throw-up.

When I got home from work yesterday my spousal unit asked me to go outside with the boy who was DESPERATE to spend some time outside. Since she and I are both feeling like death I figured I could just as easily go out as she could - so I did. I went and sat down and took pictures of my man working in the yard. He is a ridiculously hard worker. Here are some of the things he did in the space of a few hours - as I sat. Thankfully he let me sit and went about his business. Usually he wants me to participate in his activities but I think I must convey sickness because he left me alone.
Vacuuming in the Quonset

Pushing the lawnmower (FYI - it is a broken mower and does not run, it is "his")


Retreiving the kite. At one point I was sitting in a chair trying to fly a kite, but looking up into the sky made me dizzy - and it turns out it was too windy anyway.

Monday, June 29, 2009

a lame entry

First we had to deal with no computer at home, now to add to the mess Shel and I are both so sick it is insane. I honestly cannot remember a time when I felt so bad. What started as a sinus infection has now settled in my lungs and I can barely breathe. I am having to use my asthma inhaler just to catch my breath. I know it is not at all what you are supposed to use an inhaler for but I am freaking desperate.
I have no time to go to the doctors and I dare not go to outpatients. I think for sure my spouse and I would both be admitted if we went in.
I just keep thinking I will feel better at some point and keep plugging along.
I came in to work today because it is the end of the fiscal year and we are "transitioning" - as of July 1 we will no longer be one institution, but part of another. Financial services has been hounding us to get our assessments done of rooms of students who have checked out so that they can refund damage deposits. In the past three weeks we have had over 100 students check out. I was going around this morning doing assessments and I kid you not, I was SO dizzy I thought I was going to pass out at the top of every flight of stairs. As it happens I am not going to get everything done today but at this point I simply do not care. I have done all I can and I honestly should not even be here. (This is my attempt to try and make myself feel better for not getting it done!)
These are the days I wish we didn't have little kids, so I could go home and go to bed and let the kids fend for themselves for the evening.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ten on tuesday: ten favorite sports plays ever

I have to admit, this topic will be a little tough for me because as much as I LOVE sports, I don't really have favorite plays in my mind that stick out above others.

I will do my best, but I doubt I can come up with ten.

#1. When Ben Johnson won the 100 meters in the 1988 Olympics I was THRILLED. I was devastated that he tested positive for steroids and that his medal was stripped from him. I feel especially bad knowing how much doping is a part of athletics and seeing how others have "fallen" as a result of their being on steroids. Sammy Sosa was on steroids when he broke home run records, and it seems like it is typical for MOST athletes who have such success to be taking performance enhancing drugs. Unfortunately the testing isn't mandatory and so we will never know the "real" ability of these athletes.

#2. I was in the crowd at the BYU vs Miami football game when Ty Detmer was the quarterback for BYU and they upset Miami who was ranked #1 in the nation. Being a part of that crowd was a thrill, even though I cannot recall one specific "play" it was a great game and a great season for BYU.

#3. Though it wasn't a favorite moment it was absolutely a memorable moment when Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board in the Olympics. I happened to be watching when that happened. OUCH. Diving makes me nervous, and not just because of the speedos.

#4. Williams sisters playing against one another in the Wimbledon Final.

OK. Well It looks like I got four. I am brain dead, or it could be the mucus build up in my sinuses that is causing brain cramp.

Longest Meme Ever

STEP ONE: Spell your name with songs:

L: Love Bites: Def Leppard

O: Ob La Di Ob la Da: The Beatles

V: VooDoo: Godsmack

E: Every Breath You Take: The Police

S: Suddenly: Soraya

M: My Immortal: Evanescence

U: U and Ur Hand: P!nk

K: Killing Me Softly: Fugees

I: I Kissed a Girl: Katy Perry

W: Won't go Home Without You: Maroon 5

A: Apologize: Timbaland

Name: Loves Mukiwa

Birthday: October 27

Nickname: Jules, Ju

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Currently blonde

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

The shoes you wore today: Birkenstocks

Your weaknesses:

Your fear(s): family dying before me

Your perfect pizza: Uh... Ogden Pizzeria

Goal you’d like to achieve: Get my thesis done and get my masters FINISHED.

Your best physical feature: Eyes.

Your bedtime: It depends. I am a late night person, but I go to bed whenever I can (with two little boys in the house) because I am too tired.

Most missed memory: Waterfights on Christmas day with family in Zim

STEP FIVE:This Or That…
Pepsi or Coke: Dr. Pepper (or Coke)

McDonald’s or Burger King: McDonalds

Adidas or Nike: Adidas?

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton Raspberry Iced Tea

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla

Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee - I like the smell better than the taste

Curse: Like a trucker

Sing: ALL the time

Dance: All the time, and it makes my dogs crazy.

Take a shower everyday: If I have to.

Have a crush: On my boys

Do you think you’ve been in love? I KNOW I am

Want to go to college: Working on my masters now

Like(d) high school: I LOVE school. Can't say I enjoyed being a teenager.

Want to get married: I am.

Get motion sickness: ALWAYS. Sometimes even when I walk.

Think you’re attractive: LOL. That's funny.

Think you’re a health freak: I am a freak, does that count?

Get along with your parents: Pretty much.

STEP SEVEN:In the past month…
Gone to the mall: I went to the mall for lunch when I took my son to get his hearing tested. We hung out in the food court and had a ball together.
Eaten an entire box of Oreo's: Haven't even eaten one.
Eaten sushi: I have never eaten sushi and I doubt I ever will.
Been on stage: No
Gone skating: No
Made homemade cookies: No
Gone skinny-dipping: no
Stolen anything: Nada

Played a game that required removal of clothing: I think I did as a teenager, but I have skinny dipped in mixed company in my adulthood.
If so, was it mixed company: Yeah.
Flashed anyone: Sure. And once even by accident recently.
Been beaten up: Yes
Shoplifted: no.

Age you hope to be married: I have been married a while already.
Number of children: 2 boys but my spouse wants a girl. For real.
Describe your dream wedding: We had an awesome wedding in my opinion. I wish we had planned something different for food though.
What country would you most like to visit? Morocco. South Africa with my spouse. I would pretty much like to travel anywhere if it were paid for.

STEP TEN:In the opposite sex…
Best eye color: my boys have brown eyes and I never thought I liked brown eyes but I LOVE them!
Best hair color: Dark
Short hair or long hair: Short
Height: 6 feet or taller

Number of people I could trust with my life: I can count them on one hand
Number of CDs that I own: Not as much as I should
Number of tattoos: 3 but there are LOTS more to come!
Number of piercings: none currently that have anything in them.

Who were you with yesterday? I was with my co-workers and then my family.
What woke you up this morning? The dogs as usual
Where are you? In my office
Is tomorrow going to be a good day? It better be!
Do you like anybody? Of course

Ever thrown up in public? Unfortunately I have. My son brought me a garbage can to yak into.
Passed out because of alcohol? Nope
What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW? The ridiculous FLY that is bothering me and where the hellfire I put my swatter?

What kind of home would you like? I love our home. I would like to fix it up and put a porch on it and renovate the bathroom etc. but I love it.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Firefighter, Lawyer, Librarian....loads of different things
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully on a vacation

Do you like candy necklaces? Yeah, but if I am buying candy I don't usually buy them.
When was the last time you fell over or ran into something? I ran over my puppy last year accidentally and killed it. I feel terrible to this day.
Do you listen to music every day? Yes, all the time.
Do you still go trick or treating? I take my sons.
What was the last thing you ate? A piece of pizza
Are you a fast typer? I type RIDICULOUSLY fast with four fingers.
What’s your favorite type of soda? Dr. Pepper
Have you ever moved? Yes, too many to count and I hate it.
Have you ever won an award? Yes.
Are you listening to music right now? Yes.
How long ’till your birthday? 3 months and 24 days.
When were you the saddest in your whole life? In my early 20's
What time is it? 2:50 PM
Do you use eBay to buy or sell? I buy stuff but I haven't in a while.
Who makes you mad? Condescending people and people on power trips.
Have you ever heard a song written about you? nope.
Something you want to happen in 2009? A VACATION
Summer 2009? I am in school in the summer, but I want a vacation so bad it is insane.
Honestly, do you miss 2008? nope.

Honestly, what color is your underwear? black with yellow smiley faces.
Honestly, what’s on your mind? needing some water
Honestly, what are you doing right now? doing this meme... STILL
Honestly, have you done something bad today? No
Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone? I left a message for a social worker.
Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now? No
Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time? Power trippers
Honestly, do you bite your nails? nope
Honestly, have you had an eating disorder? I overeat.
Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment? it would be sweet if my mom or dad walked in the door cause I miss them.
Honestly, are you keeping a big secret now? no
Honestly, do you have a friend you don’t actually like? no, but I don't have a lot of friends, I tend not to make friends with people I don't like.
Honestly, are you in denial? possibly
Honestly, do you get up in the middle of the night and eat? No, but to drink.
Honestly, do you like anyone? Yes.
Honestly, does anyone like you? LOL. I doubt it.

What do you do when you’re mad? Probably get quiet. FUME.
What’s the worst thing you’ve done when you were mad? Said things I didn’t mean
Ever made anyone cry when you were mad? Yes
Do you swear when you’re mad? LOL. Sure do.

When was the last time you actually cried? I cried over losing vacation days and totally made myself mad.
Ever cried yourself to sleep? a long time ago
Do certain songs make you cry? Yes
What usually makes you cry? Sad movies

Are you usually a happy person? not really, I am a pessimist
What makes you the happiest? my boys
Do you believe in yourself? for the most part

Blogging cramp

Not having a computer at home is a serious cramp in my blogging style.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

thursday thirteen: 13 pictures of an afternoon in our yard

For some reason the photos all got date stamped as January 4th, or April 1st I guess, depending on whether you are in the USA or Canada. This is how we spent the afternoon outside this week. Finally the weather is nice enough to spend time outdoors.
Photo #1. Max disappears around a corner which is highly suspicious!

Photo #2. Pet reunion with the baby. He always drops snacks so the pets stay close by.

#3. Yup, this is actually MOWED parts of the lawn. My spouse leaves the clover to grow and so I have learned to do the same. Right now it just looks like clumps of dandelions, but it is actually clover.

#4. Puppies playing. Tora really just wants to be left alone.

#5. Zuva will take any kind of attention she can get.

#6. Helping hands.
#7. My spousal units "patterns" in the grass. For me to fix. Which I do.

#8. It looks like he is excited about pushing a stroller around the yard. What he is ACTUALLY interested in is pushing his satellite receiver around the yard, and the stroller is just a tool.

#9. Happiest baby in the world. Chillin.

#10. And you wonder where the boy learns to wear flip flops that don't match. This is how she mows the lawn.

#11. WATER!

#12. Follow the mower.

#13. That's a lot of grass.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pow Wow

We went to the Pow Wow on Sunday and spent a few hours there. We were mostly unprepared, having never gone before, and didn't take chairs or anything we needed to set ourselves up for the afternoon.

The Boss man had his first sno-cone. You will notice he actually had TWO sno-cones. He had to try every flavour! My favorite is what he is wearing on his feet. Needless to say he is FIERCELY independent and there are some things we decide are not worth fighting for. We packed some "proper" shoes and let him wear what he wanted to. He wore them all day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things I'd bring on a deserted island.

I need to make some assumptions in order to get the most out of my list here. Just because the place is deserted doesn't mean there weren't people here before who left someplace to stay!
1. Boat.
2. Bathing suit.
3. Suntan lotion.
4. Camera.
5. Ax
6. Waterproof matches
7. Something to cook in
8. A tarpaulin
9. First aid kit.
10. Iodine pills.

final exam and a break

I had a final exam in my class on Friday night. Class is now over and I have one paper to work on and then I have a break. I get so excited for these little breaks that I head right over to the library and sign out books.
After going to the library yesterday I ended up spending the evening outside and NOT reading. There was a breeze so there were very few bugs. We mowed more lawn, Max pushed the stroller around behind us as we mowed. Shel took lots of pictures and video. By the time we went inside for supper it was seven pm. I LOVE the way there is so much daylight here in the summer. I wish we had more months of it. I fear this summer will be a short and cool one.
Shel mowed a bit and then came over to me and sat down. She said "I messed it up because I know you will be compelled to fix it". I laughed, and then I started to fix it.
I put together the new kite I got but of course the wind died down. I am sitting here now looking at the wind blowing and wishing I was at home flying kites with my boys.

jon and kate

I have been watching what is allegedly happening with Jon and Kate Gosselin as I stand in the line at the grocery store and read the covers of gossip magazines. I have been listening to the opinions of many as to who is at fault, what is the problem with the relationship etc.
I feel sorry for the family regardless of the situation. I think living your life under constant television scrutiny would be unimaginably difficult. I think having your life "edited" for television viewing would be frustrating and tiresome. I am guilty of tuning into the show and contributing to it's popularity, but after last night I have to say I am getting off the Gosselin train.
I'm just not watching anymore.
This family has become famous for having children. There are quite a few people in this world who have had children and few of them are famous for having done so. We live in such a unique culture, which I think is quite sad, where people are made famous for no "legitimate" reason.
If I were in their shoes would I have turned down a tummy tuck? Probably not. Hair implants? Hopefully I would never need them. I think this family has had the blessing of a life and opportunities because of the fact they agreed to be on television and now the fact they ARE on television has created all kinds of difficulties for them. But let's face it. They have had SOOOO many more opportunities than most other families in the USA and even around the world.
Last night I watched the show half on mute while I rocked the baby and so I can honestly say I do not know the whole situation, but I was irritated by it and hence I am writing about it now.
It appeared to me as though Jon got a motorcycle from Orange County Choppers. Now I don't know if he was given the bike, or if he purchased the bike, but I really don't care. If he was given the bike I think it is a shame. If he purchased the bike then I think he is biting the hand that feeds him - he apparently hates all the media attention and the fact they are still being filmed at all - but it is the show, his wife's books and touring, that have provided the kind of money it would take to get a custom bike made from Orange County Choppers.
Last week Kate was taken to the Ace of Cakes show where her kids toured and made cakes and she had a special cake made for her. Again, an opportunity afforded to them ONLY because of who they are.
I don't know if there is anyone to "blame" for the demise of the relationship. I think having multiples is ridiculously difficult. I think being on television must be just as hard. The media is having a ball painting Jon as the "hen pecked husband" and Kate as this overbearing, out of control "bitch". I think there is WAY more to the story than that. Life isn't always so cut and dried.
I'm simply stepping off the fan belt. I think it's time for the show to end and the family to work out whatever they will. Hopefully more people will "tune out", but we are too addicted to the drama. How sad.

Friday, June 12, 2009

12 of 12: June

12 of 12 is hosted by Chad. Link to him HERE and check out other participants.
This is my FAVORITE meme..
Here is my day, in 12 pictures.
8:45 am
I went into the office this morning in the hopes that I would get a few hours of studying in. That's a bit of a joke. The most I managed to get done was open my text. I REALLY wanted to start out my 12 of 12 today with a picture of my son who looks AMAZINGLY cute today, but I couldn't find the camera in time.
11:45 AM
Before I left town I decided to get a carwash. I am driving tinkey winkey to school today.


Finished in the carwash and headed out of town. This plane has arrived in town and is on display. I know there is some story behind it, but I can't remember what. I should check into it. 12: 04 PM

My spouse asked me to stop at the MD office and pick up some paperwork. I stopped by, but they are closed for lunch from noon until one. I arrived at 12:04.12:20 PM

Waiting at the bridge for the light. Last time I came to class I waited almost 45 minutes. Today I waited less than 5. SWEET! 2PM

Made it into town and stopped at Timmy's for some donuts to take the ladies in the office and an Ice Capp. The temperature today reached a balmy 26 degrees. WOO HOO!

2:30 pm

In my room and about to study, but I have to check out facebook and my farm first of course!

4:30 PM

I know it is hard to believe but I actually DID study. (not enough as it turns out!)

6:30 pm.

I walked outside to go to class in time for the seven pm exam and it was POURING with rain outside. I was so busy studying in the room I had no idea it was raining. The sun was shining brightly at the same time.


Another photo from the door of the unit I was staying in. I just LOVE this tree.

Just about to walk into the exam. I love this tree also. Think it's windy here?

9:20 PM

Class is out. I am treating myself to a movie since we have no movie theater in my town.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thursday 13; 13 things you can tell about me by looking around my office

Here are 13 things you can tell about me by looking around my office. I took the idea from one gals musings which you can link to HERE

1. Before you enter "my" office you have to walk through the "main"part of the office. On the storage room door are posted the scores for fooseball. You will be able to tell that I am lousy at fooseball. I have lost pretty much every game I have every played and it is there on the door for the world to see.

2. I like plants. I have 7 in my office right now, but some are waiting to move in as soon as my wall gets fixed from the ceiling leak. Currently there is a watering can on my desk.

3. I have a bit of an obsession with time. I have a wall calendar, a desk calendar and a Franklin day planner. (There are also 5 years of archived Franklin planners on my bookshelf).

4. I love my mom. There is a photo of me and my mom at my college graduation on my desk.

5. I love my dad, my nan and Damo (one of our foster kids). I have photos of them hanging on my wall.

6. I like Dr. Pepper. I have a Dr. Pepper lunch kit and Dr. Pepper in my fridge.

7. I enjoy having fun. There is a Goofy Punching bag, a Beamo Frisbee, a giraffe stuffed animal, a Mickey Mouse lunch box and two bobble heads in my office (one of Ozzie and one of a dog).

8. I have a connection to Africa. While you may know know I am FROM Africa, I have an African basket, an African clock, and a wooden African carving on my wall so you would know I have a connection to Africa.

9. I LOVE music. I have a stack of music on my desk.

10. If you came into my office today you would see I am not overly obsessed with cleanliness. There is ceiling paint all over my floor which you can tell I have been walking through for a day or so. I will get to it "when I get to it", but I have more important things to be worried about.

11. I have a problem with dressing appropriately for the weather. I have short sleeved shirts and sweatshirts in my office. I never know if I am going to be cold or hot in the office. That actually says more about the freaky office than it says about me, but I bring spares, so I am prepared.

12. I was a girl guide. I am prepared. By prepared I mean ... I have tampons everywhere. This actually has come in handy for MANY people, myself included. By EVERYWHERE I mean... in drawers, in backpacks, in purses, in jacket pockets...

13. I suffer from allergies, asthma and headaches. I have a drawer full of medicine which I use.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To My Friend Ranavan

I have a friend who is waiting to adopt a child. I follow her blog and read along as she goes through the ups and downs of waiting for her referral to come through. I always wish I had something to say to help her get through a day, but I feel as though my words are paper tigers (as the indigo girls would say) and I don't comment nearly as often as I think about her.
So, even though I may have shared it already, I wanted to give a shout out to her today, and dedicate this Indigo Girls Song to her and her husband.
Here are the lyrics.

I wasn't the best one to ask
Me myself with my face pressed
Up against loves glass
To see the shiny toy Ive been hoping for
The one I never could afford
The wide world spins and spits turmoil
And the nations toil for peace
But the paws of fear upon your chest
Only love can soothe that beast

And my words are paper tigers
No match for the predators of pain inside her
I say love will come to you
Hoping just because I spoke the words that they're true
As if I offered up a crystal ball to look through
Where there's now one there will be two

I was born under the sign of cancer(love will come to you)
Like brushing cloth I smooth the wrinkles for an answer(love will come)
I'm always closing my eyes and wishing I'm fine(I close my eyes and wish you fine)
Even though I know I'm not this time

I say love will come to you
Hoping just because I spoke the words that they're true
As if I offered up a crystal ball to look through
Where there's now one there will be two

Dodging your memories a field of knives
Always on the outside looking in on others lives
I say love will come to you
Hoping just because I spoke the words that they're true
As if I offered up a crystal ball to look through
Where there's now one there will be two

And I wish her insight to battle loves blindness
Strength from the milk of human kindness
A safe place for all the pieces that scattered
Learn to pretend there's more than love that matters

Ten on Tuesday: favorite things to do during "me" time

Ten Favorite Things to Do During "Me" Time.
1. Prune
2. Read - go to a bookstore, pick a new book, then read.
3. Cross Stitch
4. Write (journal or blog)
5. Take a Nap
6. Watch a movie
7. Logic Puzzles
8. Color. I love my coloring books!
9. Cook something from mom's recipes
10. Play on the computer.


After work yesterday I took the boy in to get a decent haircut (and to eliminate the constant visual memory that the babysitters tried to cut it). We have taken him now three times to the barber, yesterday being the third time.
The first time he screamed constantly. The second time he appeared to do better, yesterday we regressed to fits of screaming. He is a hair farmer, his hair grows SOOOO fast that he does need it to get cut or he begins to look someone shagadelic. We know he has hearing issues and I think the razor sound by his ear is a bit terrifying so the barber used scissors only. He absolutely REFUSED to be draped with the cloth, and then he freaked every time a piece of hair dropped on him. I had to hold his head still which he is not a fan of and to be honest, neither am I.
When we got done - which was quite quickly - I called my spouse to let her know we were finished and on our way home covered in hair. I related how horrible the experience was to which my spouse responded "But does he look good?"
And Yeah. He does!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Is it just me?

I go to school out of town on the weekends. When I go to town the kids go to the babysitter overnight.
When we picked them up this weekend we noticed that they had cut our son's hair.
My spouse and I were talking about it and we are a little irritated. Is that wierd or is it just me?

midterm Oh VAH!

Friday night was the midterm exam for my class. It is finished. Completed. OVER.
And this Friday is my final exam! So I need to get busting on prep for that one. I have lots of reading to do.
We had two exam essay questions to prepare for and respond to in two hours. I though for SURE I would be in and out in under an hour, but apparently I am as verbose in my writing as I am in my speaking and I wrote for the full two hours and filled an entire exam booklet (not a little blue one - a large full page one). I was quite shocked that I wrote that long to be honest and I had wicked hand cramps.
I didn't really plan well, I don't know what I was thinking. I prepped for one question but changed my mind at the last minute and answered a different one. Then I answered the one I was more familiar with first and I should have answered it last. I got carried away and spent more than an hour on it which put me behind a bit on the second essay. As I saw time was running out I thought about just writing... " for further explanation please call me at..." and listing my cell number. How funny would that have been (to me)!

Friday, June 5, 2009

driving to school

This afternoon I have to drive to school. The drive takes about an hour and a bit and I drive directly south. Last week I discovered in my drive that I had a bit of a dilemma. We live quite far north in Alberta. What this means is that the sun is always south of us. What this means for DRIVING is that as I drive the sun shines directly into my lap.
We are finally coming out of winter and into warmer weather and last week as I drove the sun was shining through the window, then BEATING through the window and my poor lap about caught on fire. Granted the air conditioner wasn't working and I was wearing my "sauna pants" (my black pants which don't breath so on hot days they feel like a walking sauna) but I had NO idea the pain that can be generated sitting in the sun for one hour wearing sauna pants.
I was seriously in pain. I contemplated taking off my pants but feared I would start a bush fire.
I think water torture has nothing compared to crotch fire. Bring all those political prisoners up here to Northern Alberta and put em in the front seat of a car for one one. Oh, they'll talk. They'll cry rivers to try and put out the crotch fires.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monthly review: May

I like to check out new things and incorporate them into my blog. Some have been successful incorporation's and others have fallen by the wayside. I found this today at Am I half Dead or Am I doing fine and I really liked it (she got it from Fond of Snape - one of my favorite blogs.). (you can check out the blog by clicking on the titles). Fond of Snape got it from DAWN

We will see if I manage to even remember I like it next month :)

1. Photo of Me: I will actually have to check with my spouse - she is the photographer and I am pretty sure she took something with me in it but I have no idea what it was or where it is now.

2. Current Candle Scents: I don't actually burn candles at home because my kids would burn the place down. In my office I have a candle I haven't burned in a long time but it is .... red and smells good. I peeled off the label apparently.

3. What I am Currently Reading: I am reading The Runner. I just finished Columbine (GREAT BOOK), and Opening Skinners Box (GREAT BOOK)

4. Newest Music Added to my Playlists: Boom Boom Pow. Mad World.

5. Movies I Saw: I watched some movies on television. The last one was Bangkok Dangerous and I hated the ending.

6. Something Yummy I Made This Month: I didn't make anything this month to eat at all. My spouse will completely LOVE it if I decided to make something yummy once a month! I did make myself a salad last night which was delish, but I didn't like whatever croutons I last purchased. Fail on soggy croutons.

7. The Last Place I Ate Out: The cafeteria at work - is that considered "eating out"?

8. Something That Made Me Cry: I didn't Cry last month that I remember anyway. I moved offices and there is a leak. The leak didn't make me cry but I could cry over how it is being handled.

9. Something That Made Me Laugh: Last night I said something really funny. So funny I can't remember what it was, but my spouse and I laughed for a good minute. (that was really June laughter - oh well)

10. Something I Looked Forward to This Month: SUMMER and cutting down some dead trees in my yard.

11. Something I Am Thankful For: My boys.

12. Something I Want to Remember About this Month: Max wearing high heels dress up shoes in daycare. When I went to pick him up the ladies said he never takes them off. I am sure they think because he has two mommies he is being "trained" to be a girl. I told them we don't have those kid of shoes in our house - which I thought was funny but they didn't know how to react - which was also funny.

13.. A Photo I Took This Month:
It snowed. Here is a picture outside my office.

thursday 13 - things I like to learn about

My topic for this week is thirteen things I like to learn about.
1. Pruning.
I am a pruning nerd. I won't deny that I will read and google pruning. We visited a friend the other day and in her back yard is a tree in need. I can't stop thinking about it. I need to bust out my felcos and get back over there. Contrary to SOME people's beliefs - I won't kill a tree :)
2. People.
I enjoying learning about people (which is different than "liking" people - LOL). Most of this learning comes in three forms - reading biographies, reading blogs and watching television shows. I am captivated by shows like intervention and obsession and reading biographies is one of my favorites. I spend too much time reading blogs, but by far my favorite are ones where people talk about their lives.
3. Spreadsheets.
I'm not going to lie. I LOVE excel and making spreadsheets. Give me any reason to make a spreadsheet and I am on it. I even made a spreadsheet to calculate which crop on farmtown generated the best revenue. It was more fun than farmtown. For real. I would love to learn more because I am self taught and feel I have a lot more spreadsheet potential.
4. Animals.
The discovery channel is one of my favorites. I enjoy watching anything about animals in their natural habitat. I do think the animal kingdom is a cruel one, but I still like to learn about it.
5. Societies/group behavior.
Here comes the sociologist in me. I LOVE group dynamics and group behavior. This was where I finally found my passion after many different schools and a whole lot of undergraduate classes. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to discover this passion.
6. DIY.
I liked DIY before it was a "trendy" thing to like. If I could fix everything myself I would be one happy camper. Under this category I suppose I could add carpentry, because I LOVE the idea of building things. We get catalogues and buy magazines on "how to build....." One day my house will have at least one room that is wall to wall bookshelves which we have built ourselves.
7. Quilting
Funny thing is I have never made a quilt. I have always wanted to and I have books and magazines and even patterns for quilts, but it has never passed from "book knowledge" to the making of an actual quilt. Hopefully one day I will make one.
8. Treehouses.
My uncle had a treehouse when I was growing up and he never let me into it. I think it developed a bit of an obsession with me because I LOVE treehouses and would love to build an awesome one in our yard. This also gets added to "things I will do one day" list!
9. Bed and Breakfasts
My spouse and I hope one day to retire and open a B&B. I read a lot about them and even have some links on my favorites list.
10. Beekeeping.
I blame my brother for wanting to be a beekeeper but truth be told I think it is MY secret desire (not so secret anymore)? I would LOVE to be a beekeeper.
11. Windmills.
We want a windmill to aerate our dugout and another to provide some energy for our house. The idea of living off the grid seems a little "out there" to me, but I wouldn't mind at ALL reducing my monthly bills.
12. Labyrinths.
I have a stress problem. I can find ANYTHING to stress about. I "gave up" religion and I am interested in meditation and would love to build a labyrinth in my yard so I can meditate. we have a lot of yard, so there's room. I just need to find one I like and build it. I like crop circles also, but I don't plan on making one anytime soon.
13. Buddhism.
I was inspired to read about Buddhism by a man I respect greatly. The few things I have learned I have appreciated and try to incorporate. I need to learn a LOT more.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

comforting my son

Our boy is now 2.5 years old.
Ever since the day he came home from the hospital he has been moving. He moves in his sleep. When we first had him home and would hold him he would kick one leg CONSTANTLY - even in his sleep. It was impossible to tell if he was asleep if you were gauging it on his movement.
He has never been a real "snuggler" and touch for him can be overstimulating.
As he has grown up a bit he has "tried" to snuggle with us but he is simply too restless and can not settle down.
He also seems to pick up every single flu or cold or virus that floats in the atmosphere and so he is sick a LOT. I have decided that it MUST BE easier to have a sick child who is not perpetually moving.
Last night for some reason he could not sleep. It was my night with the boys so I got up and went to see what he was calling about and he wanted to be picked up. We thought he might be getting sick and so I figured I would pick him up and lay with him on the spare bed in the spare room just so I was with him. I figured with him getting older that he would figure out we were LAYING down together and we could hang out, I could rub his head or whatever.
Apparently I make a mistake in my assumptions. He is NOT ready to lay with me in a bed. He is incapable of laying still.
First he was by my head, then he was by my feet, then he was snuggled up to the cat, then he was checking out the kleenex box.... so finally I put him back into his bed and let him fuss (which I hate for multiple reasons - the least of which is that he wakes up the baby) but I let him fuss alone in his crib.
It's funny to me how much "I" want for him to snuggle with me. It is somehow important to me - but not at all important to him. Parenting can bring out some strange emotions in a person.


I keep thinking that I am getting better at NOT procrastinating, but I am simply getting better at deluding myself.
I have a midterm exam coming up this Friday night. I have the questions. I have the material from which to gather the answers. Here I sit - on Wednesday - and I have not prepared anything for this exam. Which , by the way, is worth 30 percent of my final grade.
One would think that because I have not been blogging that I have been working hard. I have been working hard, just on things to distract myself. What I hate most about the way in which I choose to procrastinate is that I spend time doing useless things. I don't want to feel guilty for doing things I LIKE to do, so I do things that purely waste time.
I think I should come to a decision that IF I am going to continue to procrastinate then I need to actually pick up a book, write to my sister, make pajamas for my boys, do some yard work, do some housework, do ANYTHING that is slightly more productive than plotting spreadsheets to determine which crop will make the most money on farmtown.
Oh - and I even set up a twitter account. I am sitting here shaking my head at myself.