Tuesday, June 30, 2009

working hard for the money

I am feeling absolutely sicker than life. To walk makes me dizzy. To stand up makes me dizzy. To lay down makes me dizzy. To breathe makes me dizzy. My chest hurts. My nose is stuffed. I am coughing great gobs of phlegm. Last night my ears started to hurt and so I lay in bed awake from 4am. I am back at work today but I really have no idea why I am here. I can't walk ten steps without feeling like I am going to throw up or pass out or pass out in my throw-up.

When I got home from work yesterday my spousal unit asked me to go outside with the boy who was DESPERATE to spend some time outside. Since she and I are both feeling like death I figured I could just as easily go out as she could - so I did. I went and sat down and took pictures of my man working in the yard. He is a ridiculously hard worker. Here are some of the things he did in the space of a few hours - as I sat. Thankfully he let me sit and went about his business. Usually he wants me to participate in his activities but I think I must convey sickness because he left me alone.
Vacuuming in the Quonset

Pushing the lawnmower (FYI - it is a broken mower and does not run, it is "his")


Retreiving the kite. At one point I was sitting in a chair trying to fly a kite, but looking up into the sky made me dizzy - and it turns out it was too windy anyway.


Rana and Yvan said...

wow, he really is one busy little bee!

hope you and spousal unit are feeling better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

He sure is beautiful busy boy!