Tuesday, June 9, 2009


After work yesterday I took the boy in to get a decent haircut (and to eliminate the constant visual memory that the babysitters tried to cut it). We have taken him now three times to the barber, yesterday being the third time.
The first time he screamed constantly. The second time he appeared to do better, yesterday we regressed to fits of screaming. He is a hair farmer, his hair grows SOOOO fast that he does need it to get cut or he begins to look someone shagadelic. We know he has hearing issues and I think the razor sound by his ear is a bit terrifying so the barber used scissors only. He absolutely REFUSED to be draped with the cloth, and then he freaked every time a piece of hair dropped on him. I had to hold his head still which he is not a fan of and to be honest, neither am I.
When we got done - which was quite quickly - I called my spouse to let her know we were finished and on our way home covered in hair. I related how horrible the experience was to which my spouse responded "But does he look good?"
And Yeah. He does!

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Teena in Toronto said...

I didn't realize when you said the babysitter had cut his hair that you really meant THEY cut his hair!!!