Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monthly review: May

I like to check out new things and incorporate them into my blog. Some have been successful incorporation's and others have fallen by the wayside. I found this today at Am I half Dead or Am I doing fine and I really liked it (she got it from Fond of Snape - one of my favorite blogs.). (you can check out the blog by clicking on the titles). Fond of Snape got it from DAWN

We will see if I manage to even remember I like it next month :)

1. Photo of Me: I will actually have to check with my spouse - she is the photographer and I am pretty sure she took something with me in it but I have no idea what it was or where it is now.

2. Current Candle Scents: I don't actually burn candles at home because my kids would burn the place down. In my office I have a candle I haven't burned in a long time but it is .... red and smells good. I peeled off the label apparently.

3. What I am Currently Reading: I am reading The Runner. I just finished Columbine (GREAT BOOK), and Opening Skinners Box (GREAT BOOK)

4. Newest Music Added to my Playlists: Boom Boom Pow. Mad World.

5. Movies I Saw: I watched some movies on television. The last one was Bangkok Dangerous and I hated the ending.

6. Something Yummy I Made This Month: I didn't make anything this month to eat at all. My spouse will completely LOVE it if I decided to make something yummy once a month! I did make myself a salad last night which was delish, but I didn't like whatever croutons I last purchased. Fail on soggy croutons.

7. The Last Place I Ate Out: The cafeteria at work - is that considered "eating out"?

8. Something That Made Me Cry: I didn't Cry last month that I remember anyway. I moved offices and there is a leak. The leak didn't make me cry but I could cry over how it is being handled.

9. Something That Made Me Laugh: Last night I said something really funny. So funny I can't remember what it was, but my spouse and I laughed for a good minute. (that was really June laughter - oh well)

10. Something I Looked Forward to This Month: SUMMER and cutting down some dead trees in my yard.

11. Something I Am Thankful For: My boys.

12. Something I Want to Remember About this Month: Max wearing high heels dress up shoes in daycare. When I went to pick him up the ladies said he never takes them off. I am sure they think because he has two mommies he is being "trained" to be a girl. I told them we don't have those kid of shoes in our house - which I thought was funny but they didn't know how to react - which was also funny.

13.. A Photo I Took This Month:
It snowed. Here is a picture outside my office.


Teena in Toronto said...

Great monthly wrap up!

I adore scented candles.

AD said...

hahaha love it :D

I have two attempts to it like you :D


Anonymous said...

I didn't actually make up the review, Janet who hosts the Friday Fill in did, I "borrowed" it from her with her blessings! You're more than welcome to do it too.

jeng said...

There is so much exciting things to learn about ; ) Great list! Thanks for dropping by my T13.