Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday at the new house

S and I planned this whole weekend of pulling up carpet, sanding, filling holes, painting, stripping paint and other activities that would bring us closer to moving day in our new house. saturday was somewhat successful but we had the baby and so our activities were limited by his interest or lack of interest or naptimes. Now that he is walking it is an exercise in futility to keep things away from him. While we are patching holes in walls and sanding and so on he can just hang out with us, but once we open a paint can, BEWARE!
Needless to say we didn't get much painting done.
There are says when my life as a foster parent are "normal" and occasionally even "fulfilling". My day on Sunday was a descent into foster parent agony. Because we are excited to get some work done on the house, we decided I would go out in the morning with B to do more carpet removal and make a load for the dump. B and I went out (I worked and he watched), then we had to come back into town to pick up and drop of MM at the babysitter. Then we had to deliver B to the social worker. Back out to the house to start work only to have B delivered back to us and have to leave to pick up S in the COMPLETE other direction. Then back to town to drop off B to his fostermom and out to pick up MM from the babysitter. I think i spent the entire day in the vehicle driving and picking up and dropping off. The only thing I WANTED to do was work on the house. At this rate it will never be finished.


I have been blogging for a while now. I am by no means experienced and I can't write code or anything like that.
I enjoy blogging and I have been disappointed in my other "account" because for some reason I have not been able to post anything for over a week. I have contacted the support staff and they are not being very supportive. I decided after many frustrated attempts to get by current blog up and running that instead of continuing my battle with them I would just start another page.
Let's see how it goes.