Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Our garden plot

We live on six acres so we have enough room for a big garden but have never dug a spot. This year our awesome friend Ben came over and made a place for us so that we can get it started. I'm pretty excited about it - then it snowed.
Mother Nature is not being supportive of my hopes and dreams. 

Alberta Election 2015

Yesterday was a provincial election here in Alberta. I believe in voting and I always vote, but living here in Alberta it has always been a bit of a frustration to go and vote because this province has been known as the most conservative province in the country - AND the Progressive Conservative Party has been in power since 1971.

In the past few months I have been increasingly unhappy with decisions made my premier Jim Prentice. I was not unhappy that he called an early election, and couldn't wait to send a message in my vote that I was unhappy. I was fully expecting that he would still be in power, but hoped that seeing numbers cast against him would be a wake up call to him that all was not well in his world.

One of the problems we have had is a lack of good party leadership (on both a provincial and a federal level) I was thrilled to see Rachel Notley take the helm of the NDP in Alberta. Then in my local riding we had a great woman step forward as the NDP candidate and I had hope that people would vote her in because of who she is and what she has done in the community and maybe forget about party lines!

I am happy to report this morning that last night history was made in Alberta. Not only do the NDP have a majority vote, there was more women voted into positions than in any election in the history of Canada! I think that is awesome. it has been 44 years since anyone but the conservatives have had power in Alberta. I have great hope for the future - but I would be lying if I said I wasn't holding my breath a bit.

 Politics is a scary thing and a lot can go wrong!

Please Rachel - don't let me down.

Monday, April 20, 2015

March Snapshot

Current mood: irritated
Current movie: I watched 'This is 40" even though I have already seen it.
Current TV Show: Greys Anatomy - loving it.
Current book: The Amulet of Samarkand
Current song: AI am right this second listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket
Current album: Dulcinea
Current food: I haven't eaten well the last three days or so, which distresses me somewhat
Current drink: coffee
Current color: Red
Current Beauty Product: None. I don't use any.
Current celebrity crush:I have been watching season 2 of OITNB and I am REALLY missing Alex Vause. (Laura Prepon)
Current Project: Masters degree project. What a shocker. (NOT)
Current need: more time in the day to get everything done on my lists
Current guilty pleasure(s): reading the book on the list of NPR's top 100 teen novels.
Current annoyance: messed up wifi connection at my house and corresponding cell phone bill
Current excitement: SUNNY - THANK HEAVEN
Current triumph:
Current anticipation: Getting the truck fixed
Photo I took this month:

Photo of me from this month:

Friday, April 17, 2015

30 days of drawing challenge: day 10

Day ten of the drawing challenge is to draw something green. 
Here you have it!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

12 of 12 : April

On the 12 of each month I try to take 12 photos throughout the day. For some reason today I didn't take twelve? I am not sure how that happened - but here are the ones I did take.

Max took some sidewalk chalk from Easter and drew some lovely pictures on the side of the house. A lovely greeting to visitors!

CJ found a mask. My superhero.

Momma Shel brought the kids hula hoops. CJ is a star! He can hula hoop like a wild thing and he loves it. He can even multi task and watch tv at the same time!

The baby has decided she likes the toddler bed.

Unfortunately, the one whom the bed was purchased for ( but has never slept in it one night in her life) has decided that now the baby likes it - she likes it also!

Foot comparison time. Me and minion 4.

Story time. One sacked out completely on her official pillow.

Puppy nap time.

Trying to keep these two off the couch is a joke!

Since I didn't take 12 photos on the 12th, here is one from the bus yesterday. I am REALLY happy that the sun is up now and that the snow is gone, but the mornings are still really cold. Bring on summer!

Endorsements and pencil sharpeners

Yesterday I was in need of a pencil sharpener and there was not one to be found anywhere. Today I stopped in at the drug store and picked up a staedtler pencil sharpener which I have shown below.

OH MY WORD. I am in stationary loving geek heaven right now. This is the BEST pencil sharpener I have ever owned for personal use. If I were a celebrity and staedtler approached my agent for a television commercial - I would TOTALLY do it - and I would not be a sell out.
I may or may not have  just spent 30 minutes of my lunch break sharpening every pencil I could find.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Something is amiss

This morning Max could not find both  of his boots and so he wore mine. It's a good thing he has feet as large as mine! After he left for school I found the missing boot, but alas, I chose not to wear HIS boots to work today. It might or might not have something to do with preteen boy foot smell.
I went looking for something to wear to work and since I have still not found one of my Birkenstocks I literally have no footwear to wear to work. I have one pair of winter boots and one pair of Birkenstocks.
So I went searching for footwear and I found a pair of almost matching flip flops. They are not a matched pair, one is larger than the other, but I chose to wear them anyway.
The only drawback to wearing unmatched flip flops - besides the fact that they feel strange - is that I have one foot with my toe nails painted and one foot without. The kids started to paint my toes for St. Patrick's day and amazingly lost interest half way through and so one foot remains "unpainted". The foot that has no toenail polish on it has a black toenail from when I kicked the riser in the house a while ago. This is not the same incident as when I slipped on a Vienna Sausage and kicked the stair and split my toe open.
I have since remedied the toenail situation, but not the shoe situation. I really need to find that Birkenstock is all I can say!
I thought I would stop into the store and grab myself a pair of sandals that were the same size, but when I went and looked at them they were FOURTY FIVE dollars each! There's no way I am paying that much for a pair of sandals. I think I might be wearing odd flip flops for a while.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My son - the artist

This week the banners made by the grade three kids in town have been hung up for the season. I drove around looking for my boys and finally found it - right at the entrance to the parking lot where I park for work. I'm so happy that it is there- I can look at it whenever I want !!! It looks so good. 
He also drew some art on the house in chalk. I'm not as impressed with this drawing as I am with his banner!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


My daughter has a problem with her balance. She falls over constantly, from simply standing still she can fall. She falls MOST often out of her chair at the dinner table. Last night was no exception.
She fell out of her chair just before we said our nightly family prayer - in which I speak and she copies what I say. This is how the prayer went immediately after her tumble.

Me: Creator
Daughter: Creator
Me: Thank-you for this day
Daughter: Thank-you for this day
Me: Please help me to stop falling out of chairs.
Daughter: Please help mama Ju to stop falling out of chairs.

Needless to say the prayer ended shortly thereafter since I got the giggles.

Note: I have never fallen out of my chair

Conversation I Overheard Today

Lady: So where are you from?
Man: Hamilton, Ontario
Lady: Wow, People are from everywhere.

I guess the art of conversation escapes some people.