Friday, June 5, 2009

driving to school

This afternoon I have to drive to school. The drive takes about an hour and a bit and I drive directly south. Last week I discovered in my drive that I had a bit of a dilemma. We live quite far north in Alberta. What this means is that the sun is always south of us. What this means for DRIVING is that as I drive the sun shines directly into my lap.
We are finally coming out of winter and into warmer weather and last week as I drove the sun was shining through the window, then BEATING through the window and my poor lap about caught on fire. Granted the air conditioner wasn't working and I was wearing my "sauna pants" (my black pants which don't breath so on hot days they feel like a walking sauna) but I had NO idea the pain that can be generated sitting in the sun for one hour wearing sauna pants.
I was seriously in pain. I contemplated taking off my pants but feared I would start a bush fire.
I think water torture has nothing compared to crotch fire. Bring all those political prisoners up here to Northern Alberta and put em in the front seat of a car for one one. Oh, they'll talk. They'll cry rivers to try and put out the crotch fires.

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