Friday, June 12, 2009

12 of 12: June

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Here is my day, in 12 pictures.
8:45 am
I went into the office this morning in the hopes that I would get a few hours of studying in. That's a bit of a joke. The most I managed to get done was open my text. I REALLY wanted to start out my 12 of 12 today with a picture of my son who looks AMAZINGLY cute today, but I couldn't find the camera in time.
11:45 AM
Before I left town I decided to get a carwash. I am driving tinkey winkey to school today.


Finished in the carwash and headed out of town. This plane has arrived in town and is on display. I know there is some story behind it, but I can't remember what. I should check into it. 12: 04 PM

My spouse asked me to stop at the MD office and pick up some paperwork. I stopped by, but they are closed for lunch from noon until one. I arrived at 12:04.12:20 PM

Waiting at the bridge for the light. Last time I came to class I waited almost 45 minutes. Today I waited less than 5. SWEET! 2PM

Made it into town and stopped at Timmy's for some donuts to take the ladies in the office and an Ice Capp. The temperature today reached a balmy 26 degrees. WOO HOO!

2:30 pm

In my room and about to study, but I have to check out facebook and my farm first of course!

4:30 PM

I know it is hard to believe but I actually DID study. (not enough as it turns out!)

6:30 pm.

I walked outside to go to class in time for the seven pm exam and it was POURING with rain outside. I was so busy studying in the room I had no idea it was raining. The sun was shining brightly at the same time.


Another photo from the door of the unit I was staying in. I just LOVE this tree.

Just about to walk into the exam. I love this tree also. Think it's windy here?

9:20 PM

Class is out. I am treating myself to a movie since we have no movie theater in my town.


Scooter said...

What a great day, so colorful and fun!
Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

PS Love the giraffes. :)

Chris said...

I did a double-take when you mentioned the temperature -- "Surely it's not still that cold up there this time of year?" Forgot you Canadians use the metric system--jeez, what a doof! (I know, everyone uses the metric system except us ... )

Looks like a nice day! Hope the exam went well!!

Pete said...

Tinky Winky is a great name for a car, and I love the photo of the aeroplane as well. I wonder what the occasion is for having it on display!?!?

Dogeared said...

Despite being a Brit and also using Celsius, I did the same as Chris and thought "26!? Yikes that's cold, for June - where is she? Waiiiiit - Canada, so the balmy must mean it's 26 and hot, oh they use Celsius!"

Obviously having a bit of a brain fart at the moment [doh]. And heh, yeah it looks like the tree is in a bit of a windy spot...!

Cami said...

I love it when you post pictures on your blog. I am very much a visual! I loved the rain and sun picture and the bent over tree! Yeah, I'd say just a tad windy. What movie did you see? Was it good?

Cami said...

Oh, and thanks for posting some pictures of your office!! :-)

Teena in Toronto said...

Good job! I haven't done this in years.