Monday, June 29, 2009

a lame entry

First we had to deal with no computer at home, now to add to the mess Shel and I are both so sick it is insane. I honestly cannot remember a time when I felt so bad. What started as a sinus infection has now settled in my lungs and I can barely breathe. I am having to use my asthma inhaler just to catch my breath. I know it is not at all what you are supposed to use an inhaler for but I am freaking desperate.
I have no time to go to the doctors and I dare not go to outpatients. I think for sure my spouse and I would both be admitted if we went in.
I just keep thinking I will feel better at some point and keep plugging along.
I came in to work today because it is the end of the fiscal year and we are "transitioning" - as of July 1 we will no longer be one institution, but part of another. Financial services has been hounding us to get our assessments done of rooms of students who have checked out so that they can refund damage deposits. In the past three weeks we have had over 100 students check out. I was going around this morning doing assessments and I kid you not, I was SO dizzy I thought I was going to pass out at the top of every flight of stairs. As it happens I am not going to get everything done today but at this point I simply do not care. I have done all I can and I honestly should not even be here. (This is my attempt to try and make myself feel better for not getting it done!)
These are the days I wish we didn't have little kids, so I could go home and go to bed and let the kids fend for themselves for the evening.

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