Tuesday, June 16, 2009

final exam and a break

I had a final exam in my class on Friday night. Class is now over and I have one paper to work on and then I have a break. I get so excited for these little breaks that I head right over to the library and sign out books.
After going to the library yesterday I ended up spending the evening outside and NOT reading. There was a breeze so there were very few bugs. We mowed more lawn, Max pushed the stroller around behind us as we mowed. Shel took lots of pictures and video. By the time we went inside for supper it was seven pm. I LOVE the way there is so much daylight here in the summer. I wish we had more months of it. I fear this summer will be a short and cool one.
Shel mowed a bit and then came over to me and sat down. She said "I messed it up because I know you will be compelled to fix it". I laughed, and then I started to fix it.
I put together the new kite I got but of course the wind died down. I am sitting here now looking at the wind blowing and wishing I was at home flying kites with my boys.

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Teena in Toronto said...

It will be great when you're done!