Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday activities

For some reason the MD (municipal district) snow plow man has decided that he no longer needs to grade the whole driveway. What I actually think has happened is that we have a different driver than we have had all winter and the new driver is not doing the same grading that the other driver did.
We have a LONG driveway which is shaped like an "L". The old driver would grade the whole thing. The new driver is just going straight in and not turning, leaving us with a LOT of driveway to shovel.
We have had insane winds from the east which have driven snow across the driveway for the full length that we have to shovel. I have been working at it for two days. Today Shel went out and helped me. The photo is of Shel trying to hack away at the drift so we could move the chunks of snow.
Because the snow was drifting it was impossible to just push the shovel through it. We literally had to use our ice breaker to "cut" blocks of snow out and then move them out of the way. The drifts were thigh high in most spots. I am experiencing some physical pain right now!

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