Monday, March 23, 2009

Started to blog

I started to blog a meme that I took from Sunday stealing and half way through filling it out I got bored with it and so I now have no idea for a post today.
I am INSANELY busy this week, it is the single busiest week I can remember having in forEVer, and yet here I am blogging, but feeling as though I am getting a wicked sinus infection. As if I have time for a sinus infection. NOT.
I did manage to get some things accomplished, and you would think it would give me a sense of moving forward, but I am feeling increasingly pressed for time and I suppose that feeling won't go away until I do some serious work on my homework assignment due Thursday.
Could I fit more onto my schedule this week?
And just when I think I have everything on my plate I can handle, security comes and drops something else on me. DANG IT! That's what I get for working late.

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