Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ten things I did - a follow up to ten things on my list

So it is the end of my work day and here are ten things I did
(I don't think any of them relate to what I had to do)

1. Met my family at the health unit and helped while the boys got immunized.
2. Straighted out a hiring issue that was being poorly handled (in my opinion) through the transition we are going through at work.
3. Met with the VP.
4. Collected Laundry money from one apartment building.
5. Did sanitation inspections in one apartment building.
6. Purchased supper for my spouse.
7. Filed material data safety sheets.
8. Balanced my procurement card.
9. Learned a magic trick with a 20 dollar bill. ( I learned this trick from my AMA ZA ZING magical friend RHONDA!)
10. Showed off my magic trick.