Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things people say

I am always amazed at the things people say. My spouse and I have had many conversations about homosexuality (being that we are lesbian - lol).

She thinks my extended family makes a significant case for homosexuality being genetic and I have to agree with her. If you look at my extended family going back three generations, we homos are fairly well represented - and in my own opinion there are "more" of us than what is commonly known to others.

I am out to my staff. I don't broadcast it or hang a rainbow flag or anything but I am by no means closeted and my spouse thinks you can tell I am gay from a mile away - that's only because you can see me from a mile away. I don't think I looked so dykey when I was thinner!

ANYWAY. Tonight the topic went to kids that were gay in residence and we have someone living here now who has not come out to anyone but is quite flamboyant in his actions and sends a strong gay "vibe". One of the kids I work with said, "I wonder what his mom did that made him gay?"

She probably watched Barbara Streisand movies and sang Cher songs her whole pregnancy.

Are these questions for real?

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