Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things you can read in a newspaper in my town

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Now let me say this up front: I'm not hating on my town. We live in a small town where a local paper is published once a week. I like it. I can't wait for it to come out. It makes me smile every week.

I will change the names I use so as not to offend anyone, but hey, it's published already in the newspaper so who should get offended right?
I am trying to be extra creative with my thursday thirteen posts because I'll be honest, they have been a little drab lately. I have been waiting almost a full week to write this entry.

Here goes: (remember these are ACTUAL quotes from the paper)

1. There might not be anything quite as poignant as watching a mother comfort her pedophile son as he waits to go to jail.

2. Last week the staff were busy cleaning my room and that's why there was no news.

3. Last Thursday the beanbag scores were misplaced and I still haven't found them.

4. The town will also be putting it's focus on the recruitment of people to fill professional positions in town. Doctors and nerses are a priority but so is another dentist to fill Dr. _______'s position, if and when he chooses to retire.

5. We are also working on rectifying the lagoon odour problems, which you're probably aware of.

6. The outcry was minimal as nobody spoke for or against the bylaw.

7. Several others attended the meeting but missed it by minutes.

8. I just found last weeks beanbag score that I misplaced.

9. The band was here today and played good music. Dorcas was unable to sing, so Phyliss did all the singing.

10. A couple and a little boy came and stayed with me for quite a while, he is a very nice and happy little boy.

11. Winter is generally a good time to burn brush piles.

12. The campus is about to become a better place to have a heart attack.

13. Even though they lost the game they still won a prize, just not the one they wanted.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to have a look at this paper, :-). I'm especially intrigued by the campus... Happy TT!

Cassie said...

great list!! made me smile too!

Janet said...

that was great!