Monday, March 30, 2009

three beautiful things

1. The sun is finally coming out. This means that SOON the road will not only be free of ice and snow, but it will be DRY and free of mud. hip hip hooray!

2. We had a meeting tonight at work and I went with the HOPES that there would be some kind of letter of intent letting us know what was happening with the transition. Of course there was absolutely NOTHING new shared in the meeting, but what I have found in the situation that is beautiful is the fact that every day that passes brings this whole thing closer to an inevitable end. It HAS to be complete by June 30th. (They did say "next week or the week after" we would hear something).

3. There HAS been a close to the arbitration we have been going through with the union and our current employer. That means we will get back pay for TWO years! I am trying to remind myself that this is beautiful (and pretend that something is better than nothing - because I know the government will take more than 50 percent of it).

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Teena in Toronto said...

Where the heck are you that you still have that much snow?!