Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bullet Sunday

I grew up in a fairly religious home. There wasn't a lot of "superstition" or any kind of belief in astrology, numerology or other things like that.

I have become a little interested in these things, more curious I suppose, and tonight I was looking at some information on the internet about parents and children with different astrological signs.

My spouse and I are both Scorpio's. I have one Virgo son and one Cancer son.
I found the following very interesting.
  • Virgo male child: The Ruling Planet of Mercury, associated with intelligence, reason and meticulous attention to detail, makes the Virgo child gentle but also a rather fussy little individual. This is a child who is always thinking and observing with the ability to quickly perceive and learn. As this Planet also rules the hands, children of Virgo tend to be very skilled with all types of tools and instrument.
  • In my humble parenting opinion this is VERY descriptive of my Maxie Man, and not at all descriptive of c-note. If he were any more skilled with his hands I think we might go insane.
  • Scorpio Parent/Virgo Child: The Scorpio parent is a very devoted individual and the little Virgo will truly appreciate this. Practical and earthy, this child enjoys in aiding others and will always be a valuable helper around the home. Obsessive as the Scorpio adult can be regarding how things around the house are done, this parent will know that the little Virgo can be relied upon to do things in accordance with the Scorpio standard...but the parent here needs to be wary of making the Virgo child something of a slave. Because of this little one's willingness to work, he or she can be taken advantage of. Blessed with a no-nonsense approach to life which appeals to the Scorpio nature, both individuals in this relationship usually possess a shared view of perfectionism. It is not unusual for the bond between a Scorpio parent and Virgo child to be an intense one indeed.
  • Cancer child: The Cancer child is a loving little individual...some might even say a typical "mama's baby. The Cancer child possesses a tender soul and is usually quite easy to manage and discipline. Virtually all that will be needed is lots of attention, an over-abundance of love, and many hugs and cuddles. The formative years and early home environment of this little one will influence the rest of his or her life.
  • I had to laugh at this description because I think people who have heard me talking about c-note would say he was a little momma's boy.
Here is a photo of my Cancerian "momma's boy":

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Teena in Toronto said...

What a cutie!

I'm a Leo.