Monday, March 16, 2009

Letter to C-note: 8 months

Dear C-note.
You are 8 months old already. I can hardly believe it. I am sitting here typing listening to you in the bedroom squealing with delight at your mom and your toys. You are such a happy little dude and you bring a smile to my face very day. You are getting to be so independent and now you are holding your own bottle like such a big boy. For some reason you have very little interest in trying to crawl, you prefer to be carried to every destination and so we oblige you!
Max has been so very sweet with you. He tries to share everything even though we remind him you still don't have any teeth. He doesn't understand why you don't have teeth yet since he already had seven teeth by the time he was your age.
This last month we had a scary time with your health. You had RSV and ended up in the hospital for a week. Max was sick at the same time and we were all together in one hospital room. They had a crib for you which looked like it was right out of post -war Russia. Great big metal bars that were above our heads when the side was raised. I thought a few times maybe our little hospital was given a donation of cribs from some abandoned foreign orphanage. You looked like a little prisoner in it.
You were so congested and could hardly breathe. You sounded absolutely terrible and our attempts to rid you of the phlegm were lame. You started looking at me suspiciously every time I came close to your mouth with a finger extended. I'm pretty certain you thought my fingers were about to take up permanent residency in your toothless mouth as I tried to scoop phlegm every time you gave a feeble cough.
You are home now and your happy disposition is as intact as ever.
You are growing and growing (more in a circle than lengthwise). You have such chubby little legs now and the roundest belly, but you are not getting any taller. We have all of Max's clothes for you to wear but it seems that you barely fit into any of them. We have to roll up all the sleeves and the legs, but your tummy fills them all out. It is hard to believe that you were just skin and bone when you arrived 8 months ago.
I love you little man. I'm on my way to snuggle with you. Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.
Love, Mom

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Teena in Toronto said...

What a cutie! Such a nice tribute!