Monday, March 2, 2009


I am so very very happy because I just won something and usually I never win anything.

Actually that's not completely true. I won something at my high school graduation (20 years ago).

When I graduated from high school we had a "dry" grad. This won't make a lot of sense to my American readers who don't legally drink till they are 21, so I will explain.

Many provinces in Canada have a legal drinking age of 18 and kids are already 18 when they graduate from high school. It is typical for students to plan a graduation after party where they can drink. Parents assume that the kids are going to drink whether they are legal drinking age or not since many friends are legal drinking age and so they want the drinking to be somewhat supervised and safe. When I was in high school the kids would arrange with a farmer from out of town to use his barn to have a party and then get bussed to the farm after graduation ceremonies and drink and party all night and get picked up or bussed back to town in the morning. It has become quite controversial for many reasons, the least of which is the licensing of the events because police know that many attendees with be underage and drinking it is a liability for farmers who rent out the barns.
The year I graduated there was a big push to have "dry" grads. I don't know how it all came together for my school and I have no idea who planned it and ran it, but we all went to a local bar after hours and there was dancing, games and prizes all night for the people who stayed. There was no alcohol at this function so getting kids to stay was not an easy task.
Many local businesses donated prizes as an incentive for students to stay at the party all night.
It was at this event that I won something.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.................................

I won a twenty dollar gift certificate for a fabric store. WHOOT WHOOT!

Last week on Poppingbubbles blog there was a competition with a book as a prize.
I am a regular follower of Poppingbubbles and as I started to read the hints I was SHOCKED and AMAZED that I knew the answer :)
I submitted my guess, and the winner was announced today.

I won a book which for me is infinitely better than a gift certificate for fabric.


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Now you'll be getting something in the mail. The ladies will love you even more! HA

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