Wednesday, March 11, 2009

three beautiful things

Three Beautiful Things:

1. This morning as I left for work (early because I have to drop the boy at daycare on the way) there was a full moon sinking low onto the horizon. The sky was beautiful and clear, the van was warm (because today I remembered to turn on the heater when I started it early), and the moon was beautiful. I stopped for a minute at the end of the driveway and showed it to Max. It is fun to show him things now because he actually LOOKS where I am pointing.

2. Picking up Max from daycare today he was around the corner and didn't see me come in. The lady said "Max, look whose here for you!" and he came around the corner. His face just broke into a HUGE grin and he RAN to me. It made me so happy because although he is usually excited to see me he wants to show me things and doesn't ever really run to me.

3. Driving to work when it is light out and driving home when it is light out is beautiful to me. It means there is an end to the darkness and the cold. I feel as though I may slowly come out of hibernation myself.

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Teena in Toronto said...

It's gross getting up in the dark ... but it's nice that it's staying lighter later.