Thursday, February 26, 2009

thursday thirteen: thirteen things happening in my world today

Today I am blogging about thirteen things happening in my world today. It has been a week from where Satan dwells and I cannnot wait for it to end. The only problem with it ending is another one just like it starts Monday.

1. My boys are beginning the third night of their stay in the hospital. Max is getting better but CJ is getting worse. I say Max is getting better - he slept most of the day, so really he is far from being himself, but he is out of the woods I think.

2. Every Thursday I am responsible for hosting a student social in residence. Every Thursday for the past two years my process for preparing for this night has been altered because of what i believe to be a power play by a staff member in another department. I have dealt with it, even though it is a huge pain in my behind. I don't start work until 4pm on Thursdays and I have to meet this staff member to collect things I need for my evening. I went today, as I have for 2 years, and this person was gone. Left. Gone home. I now have to deal with having NOTHING for my function. I took care of it, of course, but the whole situation has me intensely frustrated.
Apparently this person told others that I was "unreachable" all day. Funny thing was - I got no calls on my cell phone, no messages on my office phone, no emails, and no calls to the other two people in my office who WERE here. Just to add fuel to the whole situation, I WAS in the office today before 4pm - putting together something this person had called for at 9am this morning because it was SOOOO important to them that I turn it in.

3. Hosting my student social and planning March activities.

4. Attending class online for my masters class that I am currently enrolled in -from a computer that doesn't give me the full access I need. I can't move to a computer that DOES give me access because of #5 and #6.

5. My assistant is on vacation this week. I was on crack when I said it was an o.k. week to go. I am short staffed in the rec center. I have close to 100 people checking out tomorrow and have to do assessments with no help. 9 I asy "no help" with tongue in cheek. Someone has volunteered to help but this person has done so once before and it was more pain that help). I have a check in on Sunday which will be the 4th weekend I have worked out of the past 5. My sons are in the hospital (which has absolutely nothing to do with my assistant but has made my life this week increasingly complex).

6. I have been on the phone twice today with angry parents who should not be talking to me at all. I would say more on this topic, but I DO like my job. I have not been able to accomplish things I NEED to do because I am putting putting out fires I neither started, nor should I be responsible for putting out. OH WELL! I can't leave my phone when I am talking on it to take care of #4.

7. I am trying to put together an exit survey which will take care of two things...
a) information from other departments regarding how this department is run. Do these people not have enough time in the day to worry about their own garbage that they have to worry about mine? I certainly don't have the time to worry about theirs.
b)Some stuff in my department DOES need to change and this will be a great catalyst to get er done. .

8. Sleep deprivation. An example of my sleep deprivation would be that i walked out of the hospital into a running van and began to drive it away. My spouse told me she left the van running for me outside. When I noticed a cell phone I thought wubby had left hers behind and thought I would take it in for her. When I picked the phone up I realized it was not her phone, and looked around. Not her phone, not our van! I drove the van back to where I got into it and found my van in the parking lot a little way away. Once in my van driving away I realized that the van was neither the same make, nor the same colour as ours. How could I have explained THAT one to the police do you think?

9. Covering for shifts where I have no staff.

10. Completing month end tasks before month end... because they are "DESPERATELY" needed by other departments. I will never understand this. I still have to do the same thing for them next week because month end happens on Saturday, they will need all the info again on Monday. Nothing like doing the work twice.

11. Freezing my @#^%*&()!@!( **& % off because the temperature is - 3000000000000. Usually I go outside a handful of times a day and I park very close to my destination. This is not possible in the parking lot of the hospital and I can't find my coat. I thought I moved to Canada, but I really moved to Uranus. There is no groundhog in Uranus to predict an early spring. (maybe there is a groundhog in UR Anus, but please keep that info to yourself and your groundhog).

12. Giving breathing treatments to two very unhappy boys. Max wanted me to put the mask on so I thought if I put it on for a second it would show him there was nothing wrong with it and then he would put it back on. No way Hose. I put it on and that was good enough for him. He covered his head with his blanket.

13. Getting ignorant emails. People, please read what you write before you send it and GET OVER YOURSELVES.

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