Monday, February 9, 2009

speaking in code

Dentists go to school for a lot of years in order to become dentists.

I think part of the time they spend in school is spent leaning to speak in crazy code. I say this because I have just spent two hours sitting in a dentist chair listening to this code. I don't think they want you to know what they are doing, and I also think that they need to talk in code so they can say things about you that you don't understand. I have heard before that police, coroners, and others with highly stressful jobs have a real morbid sense of humor so that they can deal with the horrors they deal with each day. I think this is the same for dentists. Who would want to sit in a chair, hunched over someone with rotten teeth and foul breath? We all know we don't go to the dentist when we are feeling particularly fresh. I only go when my face is about to fall off from pain. This pain is usually caused by some kind of infection. If you have ever happened to accidentally encounter infection in your life and smell it - it smells BAD.
So the dentists, as a way to deal with the atrocities they encounter daily, have come up with a code so you don't sit in the chair and hear them say things like " This fat cow can't even floss between her back teeth. Look at the size of this hunk of meat that just crawled out on it's own legs? It's green for heaven's sake!" What YOU hear is this: "The angle of the Armamentarium is preventing my view of the Interproximal stripping. Can you see the periapical from where you are? We are going to need to curitage the caries. I'm just going to have you backpack the DM of the 3 LMNOP."
It may work for some people, this charade of "dentist speak", but I have an online dentist dictionary and a great memory. I come right home and look that stuff up. I know you are talking about me over my lap!

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