Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: Ten songs that describe me or my life

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Here are ten songs that describe me or my life, in no particular order...

1. Lion Sleeps Tonight.
My family always sang no matter where we were going. We would sing if we were in the car 5 minutes or 5 days. Lion Sleeps Tonight is a song we loved to sing and everyone had a part. If only Justin had the same falsetto now that he did then.....

2. Suddenly. Soraya

3. Ghost. Indigo Girls

I was introduced to the Indigo Girls by the first woman who ever kissed me. This song was the one I listened to over and over as I was struggling with my identity. I don't think there is any one song that I feel better describes my "coming to terms with my gay" life. It took a lot of years for that to happen. It's still a work in progress.

Here are the lyrics:
There's a letter on the desktop
that i dug out of a drawer
the last truce we ever came to
in our adolescent war
and i start to feel the fever
from the warm air through the screen
you come regular like seasons
shadowing my dreams
and the mississippi's mighty
but it starts in minnesota
at a place that you could walk across
with five steps down
and I guess that's how you started
like a pinprick to my heart
but at this point you
rush right through me
and i start to drown
and there's not enough room
in this world for my pain
signals cross and love gets lost
and time passed makes it plain
of all my demon spirits
i need you the most
i'm in love with your ghost
i'm in love with your ghost
dark and dangerous like a secret
that gets whispered in a hush
(don't tell a soul)
when i wake the things i
dreamt about you
last night make me blush
and you kiss me like a lover
then you sting me like a viper
i go follow to the river
play your memory like a piper
and i feel it like a sickness
how this love is killing me
i'd walk into the fingers
of your fire willingly
and dance the edge of sanity
i've never been this close
i'm in love with your ghost
unknowing captor
you never know how much you
pierce my spirit
but i can't touch you
can you hear it
a cry to be free
oh i'm forever under lock and key
as you pass through me
now i see your face before me
i would launch a thousand ships
to bring your heart back to my island
as the sand beneath me slips
as i burn up in your presence
and i know now how it feels
to be weakened like achilles
with you always at my heels
this bitter pill i swallow
is the silence that i keep
it poisons me i can't swim free
the river is too deep
though i'm baptized by your touch
i am no worse than most
in love with your ghost
you are shadowing my dreams

4. Baby Mine. Dumbo Movie.
This is the lullaby I sing to my boys.

5. My Immortal. Evanescence
This song can make me cry for the ones I have lost.

6. Everything. Alanis Morissette

7. You'll never walk alone - Liverpool FC Anthem
Liverpool FC is my team. The team I have grown up with and the anthem which is the anthem of my life also.

8. Do you hear the people sing? Les Mis
There is such a huge part of my soul which shouts out for the oppressed. Though the oppressed I am thinking of are my country men and women of Africa, this song resonates with me.

9. Say You'll be Mine. Amy Grant
I am not a huge Amy Grant song but I sing this to my spouse until she says 'I'll be your baby". It's fun. (for me anyway!)

10. Every Breath You Take. Police

I have a great friendship with my cousin/sister Tracy. I pretty much spent my entire infancy with her and her brother and when I was a teenager I spent summers with her and had immense amounts of fun. When she went on a mission I used to sing "Since you're gone I've been lost without a "Trace".

And I am sorry but it is completely impossible for me to give just ten, so I will give some honorable mentions also...

Pachelbel Canon in D
Billy Gilman. One Voice
Alabama. Angels Among us.
I believe that the people here on earth ARE the angels. You can make a choice every day to bless the lives of people around you. Sometimes you don't even know if the kindness you perform will bless another or not. But it's people - here - that are the angels. I've met one or two and I hope at some point in my life I have been one, if only to a foster kid.

Paul McCartney. This One
P!nk. Leave Me Alone.
Pass the Dutchie. Musical Youth
This is the first RADIO song that I remember. Prior to this moment in my life the only songs I knew were the songs my parents listened to or the songs from church. While I love these, Pass the Dutchie marked my own transition to musical knowledge.

I'm out of time, but I will be adding to this list for sure...

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