Thursday, February 5, 2009

letter to Max 28 months

Dear Max,

Wow growing boy, you are getting so TALL and so grown up! You need a haircut for sure, but I think we may take you to a professional and forego the home hair cuts we have attempted futilely in the past. (is that a word I wonder?)

You are such a little helper and you love to shovel snow. When the weather is good you will put on my boots and just walk outside to get to work. Your mom is worried you will wander away and wants me to put locks on the doors up high to keep you inside and where she can see you until you go out together, but I am hoping you will gets lots done in the yard and don't think you will go far at all.

We have discovered you are afraid of the dark and since we don't have baby gates for every area of the house we find that turning lights off can really keep you contained. I think we are in for it in June when the sun doesn't set :)

You have a sense of humor that just doesn't quit. You love to laugh, giggle, tease and you think it is your ticket out of any potential trouble that you may be getting into. You are so great with your little brother. He loves to watch you and could watch you all day long. You smile and laugh with him and he grins from ear to ear. Every now and then you even stop long enough to rub his head, but it is still a little early for you to share your Vegemite with him!

We finally got batteries for the remote control car we got you and it is a HIT. You came downstairs immediately and picked it up to play with it. it always makes me laugh what you like and don't like. As long as you are controlling the car you think it is great and you often ask me to control it. When I am controlling it you seem a bit scared of it and we had some fun last night chasing you back and forth with it!

I was looking at you in the car seat as we were driving today and you are growing so tall. I can't believe how much of a boy you are now and I love you more every day.

This week you were feeling rotten one day and came down from your nap and nuzzled into my arms. I could hold you forever, but the opportunities are rare so I cherish every one of them.

Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.


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