Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bad Week

This has been a really bad week. BAD.

Both vehicles were broken down. This is a HUGE complication in the lives of people who live out of town and who have two small children. It was hard enough trying to juggle life with only one vehicle operational, but without either of them our lives almost came to a horrible crunching halt.
I know there are all kinds of reasons that we SHOULDN'T have two vehicles, all of them having to do with our carbon footprint etc. However, I am completely comfortable that we compensate for the carbon footprint of having two vehicles in other ways we choose to live our lives.
We NEED our cars. Not having them completely cuts us off from the world, including my place of employment.I
Having said that, I wish I had been more cut off from my place of employment this week. It was one of the most painful weeks I have endured in a LONG time and unfortunately I believe we have only just begun in terms of stress and the accompanying "pissing contests" which began this week.
I like where I work. I like who I work with. I HATE that my department is viewed constantly as the "throw away" area. People from other departments are rude to us. They ignore us, take advantage of us and like to boss us around. At one time I thought it was because I was a woman and my boss was a woman. Then I thought maybe it was because I was a lesbian. THEN I thought it was because my next boss was new and we were both 'outsiders". But now I am simply tired of it and I HOPE against hope that this next transition (the second we have been though) will make a difference in how we are treated. There is no reason for others to act this way towards us. We are professional. We are good at what we do. We work hard. At the end of it all I am ready to proceed to MAKE this an issue. If I have to go to Human resources, then I will. If I have to go to the president, then I will.
People need to STEP OFF and let us do our job.

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Ranavan said...

It is hard when people just look down on others for whatever reason - stand your ground like I know you will!