Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ten on tuesday: ten favorite places to shop

I am actually not a great shopper. I like to go in, get what I want and leave - pretty much. I can however spend HOURS upon hours in bookstores, but other than that, shopping has never been a forte of mine.

I like to shop
1. On e-bay
2. At Amazon.ca
3. I LOVE looking at catalogues of fun stuff like in the "signals" catalogue, but I have never ordered from there, but that's kinda like window shopping so I am counting it.
4. Bookstores. Preferably ones where you can buy lesbian and gay literature which surprisingly is not easy to find.
5. MICHEALS - for the cross stitch stuff. Actually my FAVORITE place to shop for cross stitch stuff is a place in Ogden Utah called "..... k, I am going to have to remember what it is called, but it was a cross stitch store only and I would sneak in there and think I had died and gone to heaven. ah HAH! Shepherd's Bush.
6. Staples or anywhere that has stationary. Pens and pencils make me happy.
7. Pet stores. I don't particularly like the "pet" purchasing part of pet stores because I think they contribute to puppy mills, AND I think you can do better by getting a pet from a rescue organization, BUT I do like browsing through pet toys and I like taking my pet into a store.
8. Farmer's Markets.
9. Toy stores - not like Toy's R us, but smaller, independent toy stores where the toys may be more expensive but there are cool things to peruse.
10. Cigar shops. Oh the loverely smell of a cigar shop. I think I might start smoking a pipe just for the smell of the pipe tobacco.

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Anonymous said...

Even in Seattle it's disturbingly difficult to find good queer literature at times...