Thursday, February 19, 2009

Julie needs.....

I haven't seen this before and then today I saw it twice, once on my friend RANAVAN's blog and then once on a blog of someone who is participating in Thursday thirteen so I thought I would try it out.

What you do is go to google and then put your name down followed by the word "needs".
I literally laughed out loud. Here is what my search turned up...

... a new pair of shoes.

... coffee.


... to get out in the fresh Eire

... a new house.

... a patient family.

... to go to bed.


.... to bath.

Then for EXTRA fun I tried it out with my spouses name to see what she needs. This is what turned up.

...a new crib

... to see Star Wars

... a vacation to.

She will agree with every one of those!

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Ranavan said...

How much fun was this! I laughed the whole time I was typing it out.

My friend Jess got this "Jess needs to stop dressing like a slut" - Jess is a youth pastor - ha ha ha!