Thursday, February 5, 2009

letter to c-note 7 months

Dear Little C-note,

I cannot believe you have been with us already for seven months. You are growing like a weed and we love it. We went for your check up with the doctor and you are in the 10th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for weight. This is a HUGE improvement from the 5th percentile you came home in. Unfortunately when the two are combined (height and weight) you are one chubby little fella. I never thought "chubby" would be a word used to describe you.

I had to take you into town for your shots, which I hate for two reasons. Number one, I hate seeing you in pain and man did you ever scream. I have never heard you scream like that. Number 2, I am not good with needles. Trying to hold you and avoid seeing the needle is a little awkward. It is equally embarrassing to be asked by the child health nurse if I need to lay down after YOUR shots!

We are working on trying to get you onto solid food and have been trying for a month. You seemed so ready for the leap from formula, you looked at us with great interest whenever we ate anything. When we finally did try to feed you rice cereal you looked at us like we were some kind of fools. This is NOT what you have been watching us eat and it is YUKKY! Your facial expressions are classic.

Still no sign of teeth from you and your mom and I have a feeling that when they finally decide to show they will arrive with fury. Everything else for you has seemed so easy compared to your big brother Max, but he already had seven teeth when he was your age and teething for him was probably the easiest thing he did in the first seven months of his life. I fear the same cannot be said for you.

You recognise everyone in the family now and you have huge smiles for us all, including the pets. I love coming home and seeing your reaction to me walking into the room. You are much more itnerested in the television (which some parents would think was terrible, but I am ecstatic - FINALLY a tv watching companion for me!)

I love you little man.


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