Monday, February 23, 2009

Stolen Meme

This week the meme at my two cents is all about sex. And though I am tempted to copy it and answer the questions, it may scare away the two people who acknowledge that they follow this blog. So instead I stole a meme from Stealing Sunday.
Here you go.

1. Is there someone you'd like to be kissing right now?
Yes. My sons.
2. When you're being extremely quiet, what does it mean?
I am either sleeping, reading, or mad.
3. What are you listening to right now?
Indigo girls, Leaving.
4. Are you a big fan of thunderstorms?
HUGE fan.
5. Do you believe in perfect?
Yes. My sons are.
6. Are you a jealous person?
I think so. i was extremely jealous of my spouses friendship with a dude named Jon. But when I met her I thought he was her boyfriend and I don't think I ever got over it.
7. What was the first thing you thought this morning?
This morning started for me at 12.01 am and I knew it was the beginning of a LONG day without sleep.
8. What do you think about when you are falling asleep?
What I am reading
9. Are you satisfied with what you have in life?
10. Do people ever think that you're either older or younger than you actually are?
I think people think I am older than I am.
11. Do you think men truly understand women?
12. How about women understanding men?
13. Did anybody ever call you handsome or beautiful?
14. What is one fact about the last person that called you?
um.. she speaks extremely loudly into the phone. Yells in fact, and she never leaves messages which is VERY annoying.
15. Other than your current one, what’s the longest relationship you have had?
I have had a relationship with my parents for 37 years. Is that my current one?


Anonymous said...

I love this meme. Sunday Stealing is always a great source for blog fodder. I completely agree with you...I think my son is perfect too!

Have a great day!

Cami said...

I love the way you get me thinking!! Yes, eventually I will copy one of these. In between the early morning feedings and keeping Conner out of totally wrecking my mom's house! lol Again, I love your music choice!!

P.S. That was funny! "scare away the two ppl that acknowledge that they follow this blog." You are DANG funny!