Wednesday, February 25, 2009

letter to Max, 29 months

Dear Maxie Man,

I am writing you this letter while you are laying in a hospital bed. At least, when I left you were laying in a hospital bed and I hope you still are (for your moms sake). We had a very scary night with you last night. You were breathing over a hundred breaths in one minute and your heart rate was over 160 beats in a minute. You were in rough shape.
It turns out you have viral pneumonia. You had us worried there for a moment - and the doctors and nurses also.
You were SO good getting your IV put in. As soon as you started to feel a bit better you were very curious about how you were attatched to a pole and beeping monitor.
Of course last night when you happened to be smiling and giggling for the first time in many days, the doctor came in and suggested that you were too sick to be laughing. He was right, but it made me sad not to be able to make you smile.
I just got off the phone with your mom and you are having a tough time. I have to make some arrangements at work to escape from here for the rest of the night and go back up to the hospital. You are being grumpy. Imagine that! Sick and grumpy.
I love you buddy. I hate that you are so sick.
I'm on my way to hang with you.


I just got back from seeing you. Unfortunately I have to be at work tonight. You are not very good at being sick - though I don't know who ever IS good at being sick. You are grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. you want to be picked up, then put down. You want to walk, then be carried, then not by me, then not by your mom.
We are being incredibly indulgent of you - which I do not regret, but I am not looking forward to the days next week when life is "back to normal" and you want life to be as accomodating as it is now.

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Cami said...

My Prayers are with you and Shel and your precious boys! :-( Hang in there!!