Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Post

I think that Wednesday is the most difficult day of the week for me to post.
Soo........ what to write about today.
We got a call on Monday to go to the city (about 5 hours away) to the Children's hospital for an appointment for Max. There was a cancellation and if we could fit it in to our schedule we could have it instead of waiting until October. Well of course we wanted it simply because we prefer to go now than to wait many more months to go. So we said we would take it.
From the moment we said we would take it things started to go wrong.
We couldn't get the dogs into the kennel until after 5pm. We had no dog food to take to the kennel. An email was sent out at work about a meeting with human resources to give everyone letters regarding the merger we are in the middle of. Shel got sick and then I got a ridiculous earache that felt as though someone was gouging my eardrum with firey red hot pokers. And on and on and on.
We decided not to go. We called and apologized for not being able to take the cancelled appointment. We DID manage to get a boat load of stuff done because my spouse is a crazy kid who likes to leave the house immaculate before we leave so that when we return from a trip we return to a perfect home.
So before our little trip plans collapsed we we made a list and actually got some things checked off. I LOVE list making. I had to give my spouse tips on list making because she was putting down two or three things as one and so we were only able to check off one thing when we could have checked off more. For instance she writes : "Cooler" on the list. But the cooler needs to be
1.retrieved from the quonset.
2. washed out.
3. packed.
See how that works?
So she has on the list: Take the following items to the quonset:
1. Table and chairs
2. Cd players
Being the dutiful wife that I am, I took everything to the quonset. When I came into the house to check the items off the list she says to me " Did you take the ladder?" Now, I ask you. Did you see ladder anywhere on the list of things to go to the quonset? When I asked her if the ladder was on the list she looked at me as if I just walked off a spaceship from another planet.

Then tonight I was reading her blog and she did "three beautiful things" and listed the fact that we DIDN'T go on this trip as serendipitous because we were still able to get a while lot of things accomplished.

Did I just get hoodwinked into spring cleaning?

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Teena in Toronto said...

Things happen for a reason.

Um, can you guys come over here? Pleez?