Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: Ten least liked foods

I have decided to limit my ten on Tuesday to foods I have actually tasted (or have the potential to taste) because really - there's a LOT of stuff out there I would not put near my mouth folks and it's highly unlikely I will ever encounter something like Yak milk so I won't list it.

1. Eggs with raw (not HARD) yolks.
This is actually so bad for me I can't even sit at the same table as someone who has a runny yolk egg because it makes me WANT to gag. Or actually gag. And dip your toast in it? I am dry heaving as I am writing this. For real.

2. Eggnog.
I don't actually remember ever actually consuming egg nog because I envision raw egg - see number 1. It will never touch these lips.

3. Meat that is not VERY well done. (burnt)
If I see pink - even a hint of pink - in meat, it has the same effect on me as egg yolk. My spouse has to hide her steak when we are eating in a restaurant because I will be unable to consume my food if I see the BLOOODDD in hers.

4. Kidney.
We used to have steak and kidney pie. It has been YEARS since we had it, I just don't think you can get kidney in a grocery store can you? Anyway I don't care that I haven't had it because it is nasty.

5. Sauerkraut.
Had it once, ate it all because we were guests. Hated it.

6. Anything on a bone.
That's right. I think I might be almost able to be vegetarian because I can't eat ANYthing on a bone. no ribs, no chicken leg, no t-bone steak. Where there are bones there are veins. You can actually see the vessels in which BLOOOOODDDDDDDD flowed. Sometimes people even can't bite through them and they have these stringy things in their mouths. Oh. Nastiness.

7. Lobster.
Not only does lobster have a bone - it has an EXOSKELETON. Plus it screams when it is cooked. PASS!

8. Fish.
Tastes fishy.

9. Milk.
Milk is a necessary evil in my life. I drink chocolate milk on occasion and I put milk on my cereal but I do not like the taste of plain milk nor do I like the fact that it is so full of hormones because they basically have to keep cows lactating to produce milk (so it is unnatural......)


Teena in Toronto said...

Egg nog is basically raw scrambled egg with vanilla ... ewwww!

I played too :)

Anonymous said...

I love egg nog!! I also love raw cookie dough! MMM!