Sunday, April 26, 2009

Three beautiful things

1.I know I have mentioned it here before, but I absolutely LOVE when the swans return. Watching the swans around our home is a beautiful thing. They are only here twice a year for a very short time and everytime I see them I am happy.

2. We have had the opportunity to relax and read some novels. I can't remember the last time I had uninterrupted days on end to just read. I have already finished two books and am beginning a third tonight. Reading is a beautiful thing. I have a feeling this might be the last time I get to do this until my thesis is finished which makes it more beautiful to me.

3. I have a week off from work. That is a beautiful thing. I am going to do my best to stay away (THAT will be a miraculous thing). Don't get me wrong. I know the place will survive without me, I just don't think I will survive without work. I am pretty sure I inherited this disease from my workaholic parents.

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