Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 of 12 April

12 of 12 is the brain child of Chad Darnell. Link to him HERE.

Here are my 12 pictures for April 12 2009.

1. 8:50 am Easter Morning. All the baskets in a row on the couch (with the dog!)

2. 9am Easter Morning. This is the first Easter for C-note and he LOVED his Easter Basket.

3. 9:30 am. Discovering what is inside the Easter egg basket (this took all day).

4. 10 am. My spouse seems to think if there is a HINT of grass it is time for the lawn furniture to come out, so out it came. Oh, there's grass alright, but there's WAY more snow. (and don't think it just comes out - she's already used it!)

5. 11am. All dressed up and ready to go!

6. 11am. We tried to put him down for a nap but he wasn't having any part of it. He donned his ball cap (a first) and my sunglasses (not a first!) and headed out to push his brother in the stroller.

7. 11:30 am. Time to do some yard work. Crushing up the snow makes puddles!

8. 6pm. after we eventually DID have naps and headed out again, even little boys don't like to wear their touques. The sun was warm but we were being protective mothers.

9. 6:15 pm. If we weren't making his brother keep a touque on then he shouldn't have to wear a coat!

10. 7:00pm Right before bedtime we measured our #1 boy. We measured him in this house for the first time last Easter and so we thought we would make it part of our Easter tradition. He has grown four inches!
11. 8pm. Right before bed, after I managed to peel his gumboots from his pruney wet feet, he stole some of my water. He would NEVER drink water himself and if you gave it to him he would rather dehydrate, but because it is mine......
Like his outfit? He dressed himself today after his nap and is still wearing his belt, his lanyard, and carrying his camera.

12. 9:45 pm. It has been a LONG day and SOMEONE (seen in previous photo) has had too much sugar and is still awake, only thankfully in HIS room, so the animals are "safe" to come out and get some rest!


Teena in Toronto said...

Looks like a fun day!

Do you still have that much snow??!!

lovesmukiwa said...

its ridiculous isnt it!

Pete said...

I love the final picture, when all is safe and quiet, peace at last :)

Dogeared said...

Aww, lovely 12th photo! Very quiet and chilled :D

Chris said...

Oh, how cute!

You weren't kidding about being in Zone 3, were you? I'm never complaining about being in 9a again -- we haven't had snow in two years!!

perpstu said...

Your boys are ADORABLE! I love those pictures. We had 20 people over yesterday, seven of whom were under 9. OUr dog looked just like that by the time they all left!

Lisa B said...

Lovely photos of your day, I'm shocked to see you still have so much snow, at least it was sunny. Hope you get spring soon.