Sunday, April 19, 2009


There are some technological things in this world that I believe have made the world a better place.
The introduction of Skype to the Oprah show is not one of them.
It is absolutely one of the most irritating things to watch Oprah try to talk to guests on Skype - to the point that if I see a guest being skyped in I just fast forward the show and don't even bother watching.
I suppose that for Oprah it is a way of saving loads of money because she no longer has to pay for people to be flown in to the show.
For a viewer,however, it is annoying and not at all worth watching, even if the guest is Ashton Kutcher.

1. It always sounds as though Oprah and the guest have to shout to make themselves heard.
2. There is absolutely no rapport developed with guests which is one of the things I LIKE about Oprah.
3. There is wierd time delays like there used to be on long distance phone calls. One person talks then there is a pause so they start talking again, but the other person has started talking so they both stop, then they both start again.

I am pretty sure the technology will develop into something better, but I doubt I will ever be a fan of watching an interview on skype. For me it just destroys the whole purpose of what talk shows are.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I saw a show a couple months ago when it was used ... it was annoying!