Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home again Home again

We were away at a conference from Monday until late last night. When we arrived back home who was in the dugout but our little friend Donald and his wife Donaldina!
I was so excited that he returned to nest in our yard. I don't know if he has been here for years, because last summer was really our first summer in this house, but we LOVE to have him. I called my mom to tell her he was back because she was here last year when he arrived.
(I can't believe a year has passed since she was with us.)

The yard is full of birds. We had our first fire pit fire of the year tonight. Max helped me to break sticks and pull out dead Caragana. It was awesome to go to a conference and listen to an incredible speaker and learn fantastic things, but being home trumps all of those things.

It looks as though our little one is about to pop a second tooth. Tonight he is running a bit of a fever and he has rosy, rosy cheeks - all signs of teething. I am HOPING he sleeps through the night.... we shall see.

I've blogged, I've checked out facebook, I've read my e-mail and I've watched my favorite television shows. In the past 24 hours I have talked to my mom, my brother and my cousin. I took care of things at work that needed to be taken care of and I've printed off my thesis supervisors comments on my "pre" thesis proposal. I am now ready to go to bed and read more of the book I picked up today at the library (and fell in love with as I was reading while taking the dogs for a run) . I love days like today.


Teena in Toronto said...

Must be nice to have birds in your yard ... must be nice to have a yard. Ha! I live in a condo.

What book are you reading?

lovesmukiwa said...

I'm reading Opening Skinners Box and I fell in love with the introduction. I have only read one chapter but I haven't been disappointed yet!
We have 6 acres of "yard". I think the last time I stood at the kitchen window there were seven different types of birds outside the window. I love it, but its a LOT of mowing!