Friday, April 10, 2009

Fail blog

A blog I love visiting is fail owned <span class=

Today I was checking out the site and came across this which made me laugh outloud. At first glance you think "WOW... shouldn't that say hands?" Then you think "Are they asking staff to wash their genitals in the public bathroom?" And then you think "Who cares if staff wash their genitals?"
But I can think of some good reasons why staff should wash their genitals. What if they are strippers? What if they are Chippendales giving lap dances in Vegas? What if they are underwear models? What if they are prostitutes?
And THEN I realized... you know, this is good advise no matter WHAT occupation you hold. It's just good advice. Last year I had an employee who didn't wash his genitals. You may wonder how I would know that, and let's just say - if you ever work with someone who doesn't wash their genitals, you WILL KNOW. It got so bad that I actually had to bring him into m y office and tell him there was an issue with his personal hygiene and that he needed to wash his clothing, take a shower, and wash his undercarriage. It didn't help. I needed to get a sign like this made.
Is it funnier that it's true?

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perpstu said...

I admit I snorted out loud when this popped up in my Google Reader today. I am all for employees washing their home...before they come to work!

Teena in Toronto said...

There was a fella at the gym I used to go to that didn't wash enough. And you're right, you know!

Janet said...

eeeuuuu eeeeuuuu eeeeuuuu!!!