Friday, April 3, 2009

365 update

When I originally started the 365 idea the purpose from the originator as I understood it was to post about 365 different people who made an impression on me. The way he did it was to post with less than 40 words per post. I thought 40 words would be a challenge, so I said I would try 50, but I have changed my mind again.
I decided to try this out because I thought it would be interesting to reflect how people had made an impression on me and when I tried to do it in 50 words my focus became the number of words and not the impression.
I totally believe that there is a connection between people and this 365 reflection is my way of exploring the connections in my life. I am "lifting" the restriction I put on myself to keep the number of words to less than 50 and I am going BACK to posts I have already posted to write more.

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