Monday, April 6, 2009

365/10 David

Outside of my family I can count on one hand the men I have loved. I can actually probably count on one finger the men I have loved.
I love David.
I first met David when we were both in university. He was running for student body president and I was quite involved in student government at that time. We didn't really connect other than I knew who he was.
A few years later when I worked in youth corrections I met Dave again. I trained him as a tracker - which was the job I was leaving and he was starting. We connected instantly and have been good friends ever since. David is one of my best friends. He is my best male friend. (I don't know why I call him David - everyone else calls him Dave.)
A few years after starting to work in youth corrections he left tracking and came to work in the same facility as I was in. We ended up working a LOT of shifts together. I am pretty sure we have spend more hours together as adults than I have spent with any one of my siblings. I am also fairly sure I know as much about him as pretty much any person on earth knows, and he knows the same about me.
Dave and I had fight nights once a month where we would get together with the "guys" (Dave, Ang, Justin and I mostly) and we would watch pay per view boxing, eat pizza and smoke cigars.
Dave and I went shooting together. We worked together, watched movies, played games, laughed together and he and I had one of the most wicked fights I have ever had with another human being. We YELLED at each other. I am pretty sure we SWORE at each other. At the end of it all we worked though it and on the other side we were better friends.
Since I moved to Canada we keep in touch on the phone and we have done a fairly good job of keeping in touch. The last couple of months we haven't had much luck getting connected. Tonight we FINALLY spoke and he told me he is getting married in 10 days.
I LOVE him. I can't explain why tonight I feel sad.

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Teena in Toronto said...

It's so nice that you have stayed in touch with him.

Why are you sad? Because you're missing his wedding? Because life goes on?