Thursday, April 10, 2008

thursday thirteen: favorite disappearing shows

Thirteen Things about lovesmukiwa

I like to watch tv. I watch a lot of tv. One of the things I hate is watching a show, typically a pilot, which you watch just long enough to get into and then it all of a sudden disappears with no word from the network. No letter to my house saying, "We appreciate your support of our show but we will no longer be airing it. You will never know what happens to the characters or to the plot." Right up there on things that annoy me is when networks decided to change the night and time of a show I am following with the same lack of information about the change. Sometimes, just to REALLY get under my skin, they will end a season and not tell you that the series is ending. I think there's a room in hollywood, where producers meet to consider ways to mess with my mind. It works. Whoever they are I'd like to send them a letter....

Here are some of my favorite "disappearing shows"

1. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip The writers from West wing write this GREAT script. I know that there was a lot of mixed reviews of the show, but I just appreciate good writing. West Wing was another loss (in my opinion) from the tv lineup.

2. Life I don't actually know if this show has been cancelled or if it has just moved to another network. My hope is that it has moved to another network and that I will be able to track it down.

3. Freaks and Geeks If you have a chance to ever see any of the episodes of this show I would highly recommend it.

4. Smith Smith had Ray Liotta as a main character. I could watch Ray on mute and enjoy him.

5. Journeyman This show was one from this season which just "vanished". Maybe the writers went back in time and didn't return.

6. The Education of Max Bickford

7. Boston Public Boston Public for me was like "Fame" for others. I love shows set in schools. (see Max Bickford and Freaks and Geeks) and this cast was excellent.

8. LAX I put this in as a shout out to my partner. I was not as huge a fan of this show as she was, but I would suffer through it.

9. Life With Bonnie Bonnie Hunt makes me laugh and this show was completely enjoyable even if it was a bit simplistic.

10. Blind Justice This was one of the best new shows (in my opinion) of this seasons pilots. Really, if writers can come up with years and years of a show called "24", then they could write a poop load about a cop who has lost his sight. It was great.

11. American Dreams This in one where the season ended and then it just never came back.

12. NYPD Blue I have to include these last two because they were both shows whose ending was announced in advance, but in my opinion they never should have been taken off the air. Really. If we can make year after year of stupid shows like "the apprentice" can we not keep GOOD tv shows on air?

13. Third Watch
I absolutely LOVED this show. The only thing worse than the show being cancelled was the last episode. The way the story was "concluded" was a total letdown.
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