Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I dare you to answer them

Another one I picked up from here.

1) What would hurt more: seeing your best friend make out with your ex or Finding out that your ex never liked you?
I don't think my ex ever liked me anyway.

2) When was your last alcoholic drink?
When I went for lunch with my class I had a shot of tequila.

3) Where do you live?
In a house with a 30 year mortgage.

4) What’s the weirdest spot you’ve let someone lick on you?
Lesbians don't think its a wierd spot :)~

5) How many friends do you have?
In this town? Three?

6) Did you speak to your mother today?
Not yet, but she gets to my brothers tonight and I will probably call later.


8)Star wars or star trek?
Star Wars

9) At this very moment what should you be doing?
Returning phone calls

10) How many months until your birthday?
a few more


12) Last person who called you?
Security phoned me at 4 am and again at 4:13 AM this morning. They are supposed to call me for emergencies. What they consider an emergency is NOT what I consider an emergency. ARG.

13) What are you listening to?

14) What color is your hair?
Half blonde and time for a dye job

15) What is the last movie you watched?

16) Are you mentally disabled?
I am memory challenged. I don't remember things I should

17) Who’s bothering you right now?
Surprisingly, no-one, but it won't be long.

18) What makes you happy?
My son, my dogs getting excited when I come home. Nyx sitting on my lap and purring. Music, Good T.V. , Winning a PS2 game, when someone comments on my blog.

19) Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

20) When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?
I spoke to my brother Sunday and I will probably talk to him again today.

21) Are you happy?

22) Do you miss someone?

23) Have you ever dated a cheerleader/football player and for how long?
I dated a football player and we were engaged for a while.

24) Do you think you could last in a 3 month relationship
I am currently in an 11 year relationship so three months is NOTHING.


26) How good is Coca-Cola?
Not so good recently. Everytime I drink coke recently it tastes like diet coke. Something is seriously wrong because I am not finishing any coke I start. Maytime to give up?

27) Do you drink alcohol?
Since I started in my masters program I have a tequila shot when we all go to lunch every few weeks. Can't say I am a fan of the tequila shot.

28) How old are you?
Over 13,000 days


30) Do you have a dry erase board in your room?
I have a dry erase calendar in my office

31) What does it say?
It has the days of the month on it

32) How was your day, what’d you do?
I got up early, let the dogs out, gave my son a bottle and changed his diaper, drove to work...

33) Are you hungry?
No, but I am eating blueberries

34) What is on your desk right now?
Binders, a laptop, keys, holepunch, stapler, desk calendar, day planner, APA format book, Wrestling posters, pens, forms I need to fill out..

35) When’s the last time you cleaned your room?
Yesterday I picked up the clothes next to my bed

36) Last compliment you received?
I was complimented TWICE on the shirt I am wearing today and that it brings out the color in my eyes.

37) What’s your favorite animal?

38) Are you mad at someone right now?

39) Are you taking anyone for granted?
I'm trying hard not to take anyone for granted.

40) Where do you keep your money?
In the bank

41) When was your last kiss in the rain?
Why kiss in the rain? It's cold and wet.

42) How did you wake up this morning?
Zuva woke me to let her out to go to the bathroom.

43) Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset?
Sunset, since I like to be sleeping when the sun is coming up and me asleep is not very romantic.

44) Quick say a verse from any song:
I'm gonna wrack my mind one last time until I cannot think,
I'm gonna dip into my memory and take a good stiff drink
and when I'm drunk on the last thoughts of sadness about how we went wrong
I'm gonna play this song
drink some coffee black and strong
give thanks for healing time
and finally make up my mind
these are the last tears Im gonna cry for you
my cryings through
Im moving on

45) What’s the last bone you broke?
My leg

46) How many letters are in your last name?

47) What book did you read last?
19 minutes by Jodi Picoult

48)What are you excited about?
My mom coming to visit, the summer.


50) Do you have any tattoos or piercing?
Both, and the newest piercing is not healing nicely and it hurts right this second.

51) How do you walk?
Apparently on the outsides of my feet because thats where my shoes wear out. My spouse says I have a very distinctive walk.

52) When was the last time you danced with a boy/girl?
I danced with my son in the kitchen this weekend and in the bathtub last night, yeah the bathtub.

53) When was the last time you were so drunk you threw up?

54) Do you curse a lot?
F&#K yeah!

55) Do you hate your ex boyfriend/girlfriend?
Not as much as I probably should for being DUMPED

56) Do you drink bottled water?

57) Are you happier single or in a relationship?
I don't think I am exceptionally good at being alone.

58) Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

59) Most hated food?
Creatures from the ocean.

60) What is the status of you and your first love?
She is married, well she was married when I saw her in 1995 or 6. I haven't seen/heard about her in a LOT of years.

62) What’s your favorite song?
I LOVE lots of songs. Right this second I would have to say..... Come on Home by the Indigo Girls
63) What’s something you wish you could understand better?
Right now I wish I understood Stats better because I will be needing them for my classwork.

64) Would you say you date smart people?
I have dated some DUMB people but I try not to make a habit of it.

65) Have you lost friends in the past years?

66) Is life over for you?
Hopefully not. I'm only 13,000 days old

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