Thursday, April 17, 2008

driving to work

We have moved out of town after a 10 month failed attempt at town dwelling and I am bck to "commuting" to work. I actually smile when I compare my trip each day to the trips other people in my family make to work and back. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that one of my uncles (in southern Californa) was in his car for 2 hours each way to his place of employment. (I will check that statistic just to be sure).
When we lived in Utah we were very spoiled because I worked within blocks of where I lived and even my spousal unit who had to travel to another city for her job was only on the road for 15-20 minutes. I have always lived and worked in close proximity and so having to drive was a turn off for me when we were looking for places to buy outside of town.
Time certainly changes perspective though. When we first arrived here and were looking at properties, we would follow the realtor to the various locations and all the way there and back we would comment on just how FAR away these places were. Our current abode (where we are paying a mortgage for the next 30 years) is FURTHER than some of the houses we declined because of "distance".
Now from my front door to my office takes me about 20 minutes if I am honoring all the traffic laws - by that I mean coming to a full stop at two stop signs. ( HA! To those of you who thought I meant speeding!)
One of the things I LIKE about my "commute" is that I get to listen to the radio at top volume and rock out. Unfortunately I have a limited choise of radio stations, no CD player and no tape deck and I don't listen to country music which further limits my options. We do have some pretty decent radio stations up here though and I flick back and forth between them.
I pride myself on knowing, and liking, a WIDE range of songs but yesterday when I got into tinkey winkey a song that just annoys me was playing which made me think this was a good topic to blog about.
Here are a few songs I just cannot stomach listening to, do you have any?

"Say" by John Mayer

Honestly, I wish he would have said what he needed to say in the first refrain and then STOPPED repeating himself. I want to say to him "QUIT IT".

"Tattoo" by Jordin Sparks

Sometimes the lyrics of a song just annoy me. This is one of those cases. Like a tattoo on my heart. Does that seem wierd to anyone else? I KNOW it's a metaphor, but it's a dumb one. You can't tattoo a heart people.

"La Bamba"

I don't really have a reason for hating this song. I just do.

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byrningbunny said...

Barry Manilow, that's all I'm gonna say.