Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Letter #1

This month on NaBloPoMo the theme is "letters".
I participated in the NaBloPoMo in November blogging every day of the month and loved it. I was REALLY looking forward to doing it again in March when I realized I could do it every month and that the peeps at NaBloPoMo were posting monthly themes. Last month the theme was "lists' (which I LOVE) but I missed the first day and since I have a "touch" of obsessiveness, I decided that it was pointless to start a daily posting when I had missed the first day.
I am now starting on day number one of APRIL, with a letter which I have scanned from a boy in elementary school. My mom kept the letter. If it is too hard I will write down what he wrote under the picture. I hope you can read it.

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