Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pod Mrcaru Lizards

Someone is studying the evolution of lizards off the coast of Croatia.
Now I know that you are all fascinated by this topic.
I do actually find it interesting that the lizards are evolving as fast as they have. I have recently completed some masters classes in statistics and so I have become a little more skeptical about the things that I read and this article made me laugh.

Here is the link to the article and here is an excerpt:

"Along with the ability to digest plants came the ability to bite harder, powered by a head that had grown longer and wider."

So I want to know, who was the "bite tester"? OK little lizard, bite down on this. WOW that's amazing, you bit harder than you did last year when I stuck my finger in your mouth. What? You can bite harder than that?

It gives new meaning to the phrase "bite me".

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